Nature Along City Streets

All Photos Taken by Me in the Sunset District of San Francisco

While walking home the other day from my jaunt out at the beach, I decided to take some shots of flower beds and plantings in driveways and entrances of homes and apartment buildings. Being in the city, there are many streets that look so stark and clinical with just stucco homes and bare, gray sidewalks. Some have plants or flowers at their garage doors or entrance ways and some do not. I always wonder what type of people live in all of these homes. Do the ones that plant flowers have more respect for nature just because they have these flowers? Are the ones that have bare sidewalks in front of their homes more clean and tidy? It's just a fascination I have. It's fun to imagine what and who is behind those stucco walls by seeing the outside facade. Much like meeting someone with their outer persona and wondering who they really are inside. I guess I have too much time on my hands :D

These are just a few that I found interesting and I'll have a couple of more tomorrow.


Sharkbytes said…
Amazing succulent garden! I love seeing the big ones outdoors like that.
Truth Ferret said…
I was hoping to be able to post some wonderful Texas wildflower pictures here from our car trip Saturday, but if you check out my blog about plans, you'll understand why my words are the only things I have to post.

Your pictures, as usual, as so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent and your little corner of the world.

jakill said…
Some lovely spots of colour I'm sure. The succulents are intersting too - something different.
Shark, I know the one in this particular bed was huge. I will get back to the Botanical Gardens and shoot some shots of their succulent gardens. It's beautiful there.

Ferret, thank you, I am headed over there now.

jakill, Yeah, I think succulents add a little character to the scene :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Now that you mentioned about people behind their gardens, it also made me think of the people in our neighborhood. Now, everytime I pass by, I would make a conscious effort to look if they have flowers planted in their place or not lol And really what does that say about them?!
*MrsMartinez* said…
Oh and I like the bright sunny yellow color of the flowers on your last picture.
Icy BC said…
I always like to see some types of plants or flowers by the hard surface.

Beautiful photos, and those cacti are huge!
chubskulit said…
Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous flowers1
WillOaks Studio said…
That's lovely--but your early spring looks like our early summer!! Lucky you!
dawn said…
I think how people arrange their flower beds is a reflection of their personality. The photos are gorgeous!
Jena Isle said…
The colors are vibrant, is there any chance I can "borrow" them? lol. Flowers are one of the most interesting subjects.
Ratty said…
These are each beautiful pictures. I think these arrangements do reflect the personalities of people, but maybe not the fact that they love nature or not. I don't pay much attention to the outside of my own house, other than to keep it somewhat presentably clean. Inside looks like the workshop of a mad scientist. Not much nature to be found in either place, but maybe a lot of oddness.
Princess Haiku said…
You have a beautiful collage of images and words. I found you via the "best poetry blogs" list. I discovered myself on it and am visiting all of these wonderful new blogs. I linked you on networked. Great work.
C said…
Oh look Joanne! Giant cabbages!

Have you been wandering along the gardens of the giants, lately?

So now you have abandoned your loyal dwarfs???

Mountain Woman said…
Beautiful pictures. It reminds me of just how different it is in other parts of the country where flowers are already blooming.
When we lived in SF, we always had flowers and pots as well. I think it is an appreciation of the beauty of nature amid one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
EastCoastLife said…
I always envy the owners of houses with beautiful gardens. They probably have put much hard work to achieve that. I tried but alas I have no green thumbs. Does that mean I'm empty inside? hehe....
DK Miller said…
Very pretty. you really can find a lot of nature and gardens on city streets.
Kass said…
You are one lucky woman to live in such a beautiful place.
Mrs. M (Michelle) lol, people will wonder why you are studying their homes :)

Icy, I like to see it as well. I know the cacti surprised me.

Thanks Chubs.

Karen, LOL, around these parts we don't even have seasons.

dawn, I think so too in some ways, thanks.

Jena, lol, I'll bring you some. Thanks for visiting.

Ratty, well that answers it. You are the king of your nature spot so outside the house plants reflect nothing :) Mad scientist :D

Diane, thank you so much, I linked you via networked as well. Your haiku is amazing.

C, no, my loyal dwarfs follow me wherever I go

Mountain, Thank you so much for you kind words.

ECL, HaHa, no, it just means you have much more important things to do :)

Diane, so true

Kass, aw, thank you, I take it for granted sometimes but deep down I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Duni said…
Ahhh...such pretty flowers.
I can't wait until something - anything - starts blooming over here. I really miss the colours :)
yoon see said…
These little accents do light up my life. Thanks:) They are all gorgeous!!!

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