Snow Goddess ~ For Sabrina

Snow Goddess

For Sabrina

Her eyes reflect

the Sun’s kiss

as she walks
upon water.

Her wisdom traced

on paw print sands

as she softly treads
along the shore.

She dreams

of snow-laden earth

while paws frolic

upon icy sea foam.

Sabrina, goddess of snow
spreads warmth
melts hearts

on Winter’s playground

with love…


Margie and Edna said…
Margie: What a beautiful girl. I love this.
Margie, thank you. She inspires me to write so I thought I'd set up a blog just for her :)
Sadia said…
Very beautiful lines Joanne! and I love the background of your blog!
Have a nice weekend!
Hmmm. Jo this is a fresh idea, I will surely follow this one.

I'm a dog lover too. I sense your mastery of haiku here in new variance.
Sadia, Thanks so much and you have a great weekend as well.

R.S. Thank you and yes I've been experimenting with haiku/senryu for a while now. I've not yet mastered the style but I do love it. Thanks for the follow.
Self Sagacity said…
sounds like a princess! first time here. loved your poem. sweet.
Perfect photos. I was sitting for a few minutes just watching the slideshow :-)
Sadia said…
Joanne I have passed the Happy 101 Award to you. Please visit my blog to check out the rules.
Hugs! Sadia
Zuzanna Musial said…
Dear Joanne,

Wonderful post , lovely photos and the poem, its just one of a kind...Love your blog...You are doing tremendous work with blogging.

PS: Thank you for visiting and commenting on mine.

Best wishes from Zuzanna
veredit said…
It's true! About what we love, we can write the best! A wonderful poem, full of sensibility!

best regard from

isabella - veredit
ruthi said…
what a great shot and a wonderful poem.
yoon see said…
How I wish I could be there to trace the snow prints together with her.

It's a great shot, I love the simple fact of it because of the texture of the water and snow. It's such a well blending in. Perfect!
JM said…
Beautiful dog and great composition.

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