Tainted Heart

From my PhotoScapes Unleashed Series

Tainted Heart

Fiery venom
pervades darkened arteries
love, a dying flame


Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Is that how your heart looks when you see a Margiedale? Need one of my calming Special tea fixes?
Diane AZ said…
I love the red hot image and intense haiku.
Ann said…
The image goes with the poem perfectly. Nicely done on both
rainfield61 said…
Is that tainted-heart still pumping?

The effect is more by nicotine than others, I think.
Bangchik said…
A bleeding heart, aching for the arrival of its lover, SPRING.... ~bangchik
Anti Aging said…
Hello Joanne! Good Morning! It's 8:26am here in the Philippines. Your blog is irresistible! I really enjoyed reading every post you've here...
B.Held said…
I really like the "darkened arteries" line :)
Margie, I absolutely need one of your tea "fixes"

Diane, thanks so much

Ann, Thank you my friend

Rainfield, LOL! ya kill me and the nicotine would too :D

Bangchik, exactly :D

AntiAging, Oh, thank you for the kind compliment :)

Brittany, Thanks I wanted it to sound a little dark - that was all I could come up with :D
C said…
oooooohhhhh..... so sad, sad, SAAADDDD for this one sad sad sad heart.... *sighs*

Joanne!!! Make the heart better!!! Hmph!!! I feel so bad for it right now.... :(
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hi Jo
I love the play of colors! It's very fiery!
Icy BC said…
That's a beautiful heart, Jo! Gorgeous..
John said…
Love that picture and those words are so sharp. Straight to the point. Like it very much.
C, it has to be sad sometimes to appreciate the joy.

Mrs. M, thank you xoxo

Icy, Thanks, It didn't come out exactly the way I wanted but good enough :)

John, Thank you so much :)

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