Iditarod Dreams

Iditarod Dreams

for Sabrina

Gentle whispers

she hears

the call of the wild

as distant echoes

A snowflake quilt

warms her

and weaves quiet


Paws rooted

within Mother earth


her playground

Yellowstone geysers

to Malibu white sands

she travels

gently through life


her navigator


her soul



A Knowing


AVCr8teur said…
Is that your dog? She is beautiful!
Karen, No, I wish she were. She belongs to some dear friends. She is definitely an inspiration for me :)
Erik said…
I totally missed your sabrinasnowgoddess roll out. Beautiful words and great photos.
Euroangel said…
appreciate your visit..thanks for sharing this wonderful creature!
Ruby said…
inspiring words! and a beautiful dog! ifelt sad as i heard from my brother that three of my dogs back home were dead..
yoon see said…
Yes, her glazing bright eyes spoke to me, how beautifully the eyes have inspired me:)

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