Tian Tan Buddha

Serene majesty rests atop

lotus flower throne.

His bronze elegance

adorns the Lantau sky.

Facing North

a mountain peak

on earthly ground

the temple of heaven.

Right hand raised

affliction begone!

Left hand rest

a gesture of giving.

Serene in stature

overseer of peace

worshipped by mortals

and immortals bearing fruit.

A massive stone symbol

human of spirit

energy of life

they offer praise.

Climbing step after step

warmed by his smile

captivated by his eyes

humbled by his presence.

A hypnotic fog

emanates around him

as visitors encircle

and offer prayers.

Hours entranced

in a spiritual kinship

with him, tranquility

occupies my spirit.


jakill said…
Fascinating poem, together with its inspiration. Great pic too.
betchai said…
what a very beautiful poem jodapoet, i can fell the emotions and makes my eyes a little bit misty. i am awed how you were able to put words into the Tian Tan Buddha, but i am so glad i am here right now reading your inspiring poem.
Thanks to both of you. I so much appreciate your kind words.
bessye said…
I am so glad you came by to visit Visions.
I have found myself a new fellow poet. Your writings are wonderful. I love your site. I will remain a follower. This poem offers alternative. Something seen as tangible to most. An investment of belief. You captured the essence of it in perfect style.

bessye - Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm always happy to meet fellow poets :)

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