Seagulls At Night

A twilight canvas
barren of light

prelude to the masterpiece

hovers unseen

upon desolate skies

waiting to be fashioned.

Out of darkness

they emerge

white winged choreographers

painting circles

and breeding life.

Seagulls at Night soar



a free form phenomenon.


C said…
I wanted to stop by and thank you for you great comment. WOW, your pictures and poetry are amazing...I am humbled!
I can almost imagine the scene, the eerie half-light, the silence, and the swirl of gulls.
C - You are to0 kind. Thank you.
John - Exactly the scene. Thanks, and by the way I love your blog.
betchai said…
love both your poem and picture, indeed, barren of light but a prelude to the masterpiece.

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