Jazz Climax ~ For Sony Holland

Jazz Climax - For Sony Holland

The room hauntingly still
with mosaic tiles staring down
upon the audience.
Pink and red lights glare
like the eye of a storm
pouncing across the stage.
Lights dim and the music begins.
Ebony and ivory notes
meld with the pounding crescendo of drums.
Hot sax man plays it high and low
while the bass hovers
a musical fog.

And the introduction!
Thunderous applause
echoes while the star
rises to the occasion.
To the nines,
dressed Out Of This World
and the spotlight dull
in comparison to her beauty.
Her voice soft,
smooth velvet whispers
shower the room
in vocal elegance.
Lyrical reverberations
echo beyond the stage
and the room full
with sultry innocence
the sass and class monogamy.
Piano man sets the tone
tickling each key
to perfection.

At Last!
As the song goes…
Sensual bluesy rhythms
fuel the senses
with hot anticipation
while the audience swoons
in wild adulation
as rhythmic beats
rise and heighten
to a point of no return –
the jazz climax.
And she takes her bow.



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