Shadow Shots

While in Culver City I found so many opportunities to take some shadow shots. It was the perfect time of day, it was sunny and all those palm leaves allowed for some interesting photos. I first became inspired by Icy over at Reach Beyond Limits. She has in the past taken some of the most phenomenal shadow photos I've ever seen. So, I thought well why not try it out and see what happens. I felt a little weird just taking pictures of the side of the hotel but then again it was LA and I was a tourist. I have to teach myself to become more aware of these type of photo opportunities here at home. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
these are fascinating.
Interesting shots. Not much chance of me taking anything similar. It's been cloudy here for days!
Ann said…
Very cool shots. I've been seeing a lot of shadow shots lately. Love them
Sharkbytes said…
I like 'em- Shadows are very cool
rainfield61 said…
Live under a shadow?
Icy BC said…
These are beautiful shadows, Jo! You'll be hooked looking for shadows now :-)

Thank you for the mention.
Hi! I'm Grace said…
Awesome pictures. It took fine camera and fine hands to accomplish it, and you sure have both of them.
Thanks for sharing these to us. I will try that, too, and we'll see if I have a fine hands like you have. :)
Martha Z said…
Sunny So Cal is good for finding shadows. I was surprised at how much more sunshine I found over the weekend in San Francisco than I have here in Lincoln. I guess you don't get the fog we get here in the Sacramento Valley this time of year.
Brittany, thank you.

John, Well where I live it might have been difficult with the fog but these were taken in Southern California.

Ann, everyone has the same idea :)

Shark, they really are cool when you spot obscure ones

rainfield, L)L yes I do :D

Icy, I am becoming obsessed with them now and I never even thought of them before. You are welcome.

Grace, I'm sure you do and thank you for the wonderful compliments :)

Martha, Yep Socal and shadows are synonymous :) We don't get that Tooley fog - did I spell that correctly? However we still do see the fog on a regular basis. It just varies this time of year.

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