Greek Music and Dancing

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Being of Greek descent on my Mom's side of the family, I grew up listening and dancing to Greek music. I would attend all the festivals and events around the bay area which featured live Greek music. I learned how to dance a few different dances by just participating and following the other dancers. Greek dancing is traditionally performed as a line dance though there are newer variations on older themes. At church festivals you can always find traditional costumes as are worn in Greece for special occasions.

Greek music is definitely not for everyone, however I absolutely love it and when I hear it, it almost puts me into a trance, especially when dancing. It is also a fantastic means of getting some aerobic exercise. Some of these dances are very tiring and you have to have alot of stamina in which to endure the entire dance. I haven't done it in a while so I don't know that I could finish all of the dances but they certainly are alot of fun.

There are Greek festivals held all year long within the Bay Area to celebrate special events. That's one thing about us Greeks, we love to eat, drink and dance so any excuse to celebrate and we're out there.

I hope to attend at least one festival this year so I can bring you some local celebrations.



Bangchik said…
Traditional music and dance can put people into a trance...yea. ~bangchik
betchai said…
they are lovely and i can understand why it puts you in a trance, Jo.
Diane AZ said…
Fabulous image with gorgeous colors and composition. I love everything Greek, especially the food!
madison said…
Oh! Greek culture is so wonderful, the food especially. I think that may be why I adore it so much. Thank you, thank you for such kind compliments. The fact that you though of Sylvia Plath is astonishing. Such an honor. Keep in touch, doll.

DoanLegacy said…
Fascinating post! And the video is a joy..
I married into a Greek family. I've loved learning the traditions and about food, music, etc. They are so different from what I grew up in. My girls have grown up eating Greek food and learning a little of the language.
I don't think anyone I've ever met knows how to celebrate like Greeks I've met do. Always lots of great food and lively conversation.
I loved seeing the dancing in your video. We try to attend the Greek festival held here each summer.
that seems quite traditional n a cultural dance..good pic..
Mumsy said…
I love to learn about different cultures..This is a fabulous post!
Anonymous said…
I loved seeing the Greek dance. I find that as I grow older, I better understand the music of other countries. Maybe my music prejudices are growing thin. Thanks for the movie.
Bang, Yes it can, it's almost meditative.

Thanks betchai, glad you liked it.

Diane, OMG me too and especially the pastries :)

madison, I always think of Plath reading your work. Yes the food and pastries are to die for

Doan, thank you :)

Catherine, yes, as you know Greeks celebrate around food and music. I try to attend as many festivals as I can though when I was younger I was at all of them. I had a crush of a bozouki player and followed him all over :D

Pryanka, yes it is very traditional in dress and dance. Thanks for commenting

Mumsy, I do too and that's why I like to travel so much.

Marilynn, Same here I love traditional music from different cultures. You are welcome and glad you liked it.
Glynis said…
How can I not love this post!
I love it when I walk the village, and the music is trickling out from the coffee shops.
Ann said…
There is a Greek Fesival held not far from me every year. I rather like the hypnotic sound of the music. And the dance, costumes and the food, what's not to love
Glynis, Oh my how I would love to trade homes with you, just for a little while?

Ann, Exactly, the food and pastries alone are enough for me and throw in a little ouzo :D
Ferd said…
I have been fortunate in my life to count several people of Greek descent as friends. Every one of them has had a strong sense of Greek pride and were very active in the local Greek community. And well they should be proud. So many things of beauty can be traced back to Greek roots.
fullet said…
I can't wait to watch those celebrations! Eat, drink and dance, mmmh, I think I could be a good Greek.
VanillaSeven said…
Great coverage Jo. Thanks for making me understand better about Greek celebration :)
Self Sagacity said…
I loved watching the dance, thanks for posting!
Ferd, so well said and so true. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

fullet, I think you could too :)

Self, you are welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
yoon see said…
I totally agree with you that dancing needs alot of stamina. My friend's mother invited me to witness and try line dancing...
I had problem remembering the steps...
Jogging also needs stamina that I am currently persuing!
You are a person that activitely try all interesting things and I am so glad that you still have the interest to learn and master Greek Folk dance.
I watched the video, it's more fun to dance in group.
I would prefer to sing folk song, I love to sing...He..He..
That's what my late father had taught me!
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love your cuisine! We have a restaurant here that offers Greek food called Cyma. DH and I have visited it whenever we feel like having good food.
Oh and this post reminds me of the movie I just watched yeaterday... In the ruins!
yoon see, I know the feeling, I had trouble remembering all the steps as well at first. That's great that you are pursuing jogging. That is difficult and something I cannot yet do. I walk instead :) How cool that you sing, that's wonderful.

Mrs.M, I haven't seen that movie but I will have to rent it. Yes the food and pastries are amazing!
RNSANE said…
This is wonderful. I have been to Greece several times and always loved joining in the festivities. The father of my two younger sons, Alex and Jeremy, who you know, was Serbian. They also do the line dancing and we were members of the Slavonic socity when we were married. Events there were such fun, especially the dancing. Some of it was so fast and furious!! You could certainly lose weight if you did it often enough!
Carmen, lol, you are right.

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