Wordless Wednesday - Carmen does Culver

This was such an interesting shot with these little bushes by the Palm trees which were located out near one of the patios at the Radisson. I just had to get a photo. It was so peaceful, sweet and bright.

I kept snapping photos of this spot because it was so sweet when all of a sudden, Carmen appears right out of the bushes fixing her bra strap - of course I couldn't post that photo, I mean this is a G rated blog. And, if you look closely at the background you'll see her "date." That smile on her face and appearing out of nowhere in those bushes with that half naked hunk in the background tells me one thing - a Margiedale was on the loose and Carmen had him in those bushes. Thank God I didn't catch that on camera :D


Margie said…
Lord a mercy! I wondered where that boy got off to. Well, I'm calling the FBI! Carmen kidnapped my boy as sure as I'm sitting here!
Is that eyeshadow on his face? That Carmen ought to pay you, Jo, for not posting some pictures. You know what I mean.
Margie, I'm with ya. And, I think she still has him, she's been awfully quiet.
Ann said…
Well that Carmen is one lucky gal. From what I can make out, her date is one hot dude :)
RNSANE said…
Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies...that guy told me he was the gardener and all he did was help me look for the earring I lost in the bushes! It was broad daylight, after all. and that photographing paparazzi, Jo, was around - do you think I'd be fool enough to carry on with her in the neighborhood? Besides, I'm not one for a quickie, anyway. I can't be quick about anything at my age!
RNSANE said…
And, believe it or not, I did NOT even have eyeshadow on that day. I forgot my trio of browns and I even had mismatched earrings - grabbed a silver and a brown, in my rush packing...and I wore two different ones. Nobody even noticed - but I sure felt neckkeed without my eyeshadow!
B.Held said…
A fantastic place for a portrait shoot :)
Ann, yep, she got lucky :D

Carmen, half naked gardeners in Culver City? Why did I come home?

Brittany, LOL!!! :D
Margie said…
I find it interesting that Carmen has to make up such a tale to try to explain herself.
Margie, she doesn't want us all to know she's a floozy :D
Icy BC said…
Oh my goodness, you cheer me up so much with this post! Between you, Carmen, and Margie, I want to join the band wagon to chase down that half-naked gardener..
rainfield61 said…
What a story, what a "setup?"...
RNSANE said…
He told me he was from Hawaii - I think that was why he was gardening in his bathing suit - "working on his tan" - but he sure wasn't taking very good care of that Bird of Paradise.
I thought I recognized Carmen!
Icy, With Carmen getting a hold of him, no one else could even get close :D

Rainfield, yes, a little of both?

Carmen, bathing suit? I don't see anything on him :D

Susan, she does get around.
Carmen, Bird of paradise - Is that what they're calling it now? :D
Ratty said…
I laughed when I read this fun post. It's good to read that you and her were having fun with this one.
AVCr8teur said…
I think Carmen was trying to find some fig leaves in the bushes for her date.
lizzie said…
You made me laugh! Thought it was time I visited, it's been such a long time! Sorry.
VanillaSeven said…
I am wondering what happened if you didn't show up there Jo :) Good catch!
DoanLegacy said…
Your post was fun to read, but the comments make it even more exciting..
Ratty, it was a blast.

Karen, LOL! I think you are right, he definitely needs one.

lizzie, thanks for visiting again :)

Vanilla, LOL!

Doan, I know, I laugh each time I read them :)
Margie said…
I think the Bird of Paradise pecked Carmen on the head.

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