a scam?

As bloggers we are always trying to find a new avenue for making money. Affiliate programs are a great way to begin making a little extra cash. I signed up with a few months ago after searching for a top rated art program. They maintain a huge database of paintings and posters etc... If you have been reading my blog you've seen all of the banners and virtual stores I had displayed on my blog for

I was excited when in the first week I made some sales and was paid my 20% commission on those sales. It's the first time any affiliate program had worked for me. So, I added more banners and links to my blog to attract more customers. In December, I had an influx of hits and sales. As a result there was a large commission which showed on my account through I was very happy because they stated my check would be sent on February 1st. As a result, I had planned though not yet booked another trip to LA. I'm glad I didn't book that trip because within days of the commission showing on my account, it mysteriously disappeared. I also had referred an affiliate who also disappeared.

Long story short, I contacted the company five times requesting assistance. They got back to me once saying "I'll look into it." I tried calling to no avail. I contacted my parent affiliate who also said "I'll look into it." To this date I've heard nothing. So, I decided no longer will I waste my time promoting products for a company who won't even reply to my requests. I've taken down all the banners and advertising and consider my efforts in promoting their products a loss yet a valuable lesson.

I don't know if they are just completely disorganized and don't care about their affiliates or if they are in fact a scam. I do know that it is very easy for someone who knows the insides of affiliate marketing to tamper with the codes on the advertising banners and links to redirect the sales to their own accounts. I'm not saying this is what happened but I just wanted to give all of you a heads up on this company. I spent alot of time promoting their product only to have all my commissions disappear.

I've learned that when searching for affiliate programs, it's best to sign up with the well known ones such as which is basically through Google. I've just looked into signing up with them today. The programs through Clickbank and Commission Junction can also be tampered with so you have to be careful and vigilant when dealing with these companies.

It's basically trial and error when monetizing your blog so it's best to read and research before signing up with any affiliate company.


Icy BC said…
Oh I'm so sorry this happened to you Jo..But I'm glad you wrote about this so we can all be aware of this company. You're right, we all learn through trial and error. Having people who give us heads up like you did, really help others from falling into their trap.

I still want them to pay you the commission that you've earned though. It's only fair!
fullet said…
Well if you don't get that check they will gain a lot of enemies. Thanks for warning us. I can't recommend a program. I've signed up in many places so far and I've only seen some short numbers on the screen but not in my bank. :P
betchai said…
thanks for sharing this very helpful information Jo, I am sorry to hear about what happened though, it can be very frustrating.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Whoaaaaaaa! That's a big SCAM right there! Thanks for giving bloggers lke me a heads up! xoxo
RNSANE said…
Well, Jo, that is truly a bummer. You know, this is all new territory for makes me miss my nursing job even more. I like being paid $50 an hour I can count on, not waiting for this nebulous blogging income! I need to get something soon!
Ann said…
Sorry to hear about the bad experience. I've never even looked in to any of those programs. My husband keeps asking why I'm not making money with my blog. I guess it's because I do the blogging for the fun of it.
RNSANE said…
There's an award for you over at my blog.
I hope they've messed up rather than scamming you. Maybe you'll receive your payment when they sort things out?

I've had an Amazon widget on one of my blogs for about 6 months but it hasn't sold a thing :-(

The Internet is full of scammers :-(
Sharkbytes said…
Very good info. Thanks!
They had me fooled because they are one of the top-rated but you have to be careful. Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting.

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