Radisson Courtyard Foliage

All of these photos were taken at the courtyard surrounding the Radisson Hotel in Culver City. As I mentioned in my previous post we did not have any time to do sightseeing however we didn't have to as there were many interesting photo opportunities around the hotel grounds.

The above photo displays a small water/rock fountain amongst the lush fern and palms adorning the water pond.

This was a beautiful and somewhat exotic setting. Walking past this scene you come to the fitness center and the hotel pool.

I love fern and palm trees so this was a nice and peaceful spot. I felt as if I were in Hawaii surrounded by all this beauty.


Ann said…
THAT'S IT! That's where I want to be right now...lol Looks beautiful
Anonymous said…
Oh wow!
rainfield61 said…
Do not know you love fern and palm trees which I have so many over here.

You should stay here. LOL.
RNSANE said…
You have a lot of rubber trees over there, too, rainfield61 - I was always so amazed before I ever went to Malaysia - when we were still using rubber gloves in the hospital - they were all labeled, "made in Malaysia"

Miss Jo, did you make it to the fitness center? I didn't see you when I was on the stairmaster and the treadmill!!!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos, Jo! Looks like a great place to relax..
Ann, I'll book a flight for you :)

Brittany, pretty cool for a hotel courtyard huh?

Rainfield, I would love to come out there. I may just surprise you one of these days :)

Carmen, Now Carmen you know I was too busy eating those waffles to make it to the fitness center.

Icy, It really was, I loved it there.
jam said…
Nice setting inside the hotel! I believe you sure had a pleasant stay there!
DK Miller said…
Looks like a nice place. The courtyard is lovely.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the second picture. It's like a post card pic! You have done well yet again! xoxo
Diane, you would have loved it.

MrsM, Thanks so much xoxo
Ratty said…
That first photo drew me right in. That really is a very beautiful place. If only every hotel did things like that.
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous photos of the courtyard! It's would be such a nice place to relax..
C said…
Hello Joanne! These photos look like places in Metro Manila! :)
jam. I had a wonderful time thanks.

Ratty, I agree, thank you

Mumsy, yes, it was so peaceful and relaxing.

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