Sea Cultures

Photographs taken by me at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

Sea Cultures

Indigo gemstones
Coalesce into iridescent
of reflection
Creating cavernous worlds
Anchored below
Concrete technology.

An ancient kaleidoscope
Unspoiled, untouched
Naturally evolved
The modes of discovery
Beneath the surface.


dawn said…
Lovely photos Jo!
"An ancient kaleidoscope"... a perfect description and I love the way you combined science with nature. You are a pro!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos, and love your poem..
Ann said…
Your poem is so descriptive that I don't need the pictures to see it. But I'm glad you posted the pictures too because they are beautiful
rainfield61 said…
I see some cultures in the sea.
B.Held said…
I am a huge fan of these! The poem makes them even better :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Wonderful to see the beauty of nature through your lens Jo! These pics made me remember our diving trip in Phi Phi Island, Thailand years ago. Thank you for sharing xoxo
Liz said…
Lovely photos! Have a great weekend. :)
C said…
This felt like eating a delicious cheesecake that's just big enough (not too small and not too big) - you know you've had just enough- and you know it's been delicious! :)

I think I would very well like "ancient kaleidoscopes" .. :) I can imgaine them now... probably with ancient corals growing out the sides of them... :)

I am so happy every time you come and visit me and leave a comment on my blog. I really admire you, and so I'm very thankful when I feel that you appreciate me. :) Thank you. :)

VS said…
wonderful photos! great job :)
VS said…
the photos remind me of my friend' aquarium :) nice photos
Lori said…
How lovely these are. Gorgeous, Joanne!
kat said…
I love all the pictures here including the shadow shots......

Thanks for the visit Jo and comment.

Enjoy your weekend.
Aw Dawn you're sweet, thank you.

Madison, Thank you for visiting.

Icy, glad you enjoyed it, thank you.

Ann, love it, thank you.

rainfield, I do too, many in fact.

Thanks so much Brittany

Mrs M, that must have been spectacular, thank you xoxo

Liz, Thanks so much for commenting.

C, you have such creative and intuitive thoughts and ways, that's what I love so much about you :)

VS, yep, the academy of sciences is like being in the sea.

Thank you Lori,

You are welcome Kat and thank you.
ian said…
sea creatures are a challenging set to capture on cam! if only we can tell them to sit still for just a second! but by doing so they lose their majesty...
ian, you are absolutely right. And, it is difficult so it takes a little more time than normal to get a decent shot. Thanks for commenting.
lina said…
If only I get to swim among the fishes.
It's been sooooo hot over here. It'll be lovely to be at the sea. :)
lina, It would certainly cool you off and be much fun.

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