Dark Silhouette

Photo taken at dusk @ The Radisson Hotel in Culver City

I decided to post this photo today because it displays how I feel. I finally went to the doctor which I normally don't do but I could not breathe so I went in to find out that I basically have a viral pneumonia which means I have to just rest and take it easy. Yesterday was the first day that I did not have to nap during the day which is a good sign so it looks as if I'm on the mend. I still however cannot taste anything or smell anything. Since I can't taste anything, my normal not so healthy eating habits have vanished and I'm eating healthy greens, soups and fruit. Of course when I'm feeling better, I'm off for waffles :)

I will try and get some comments in today. One thing I have noticed blog wise which is very interesting is that I have not been dropping EC for a while now. What's interesting is that it has not affected my traffic at all so I'm rethinking keeping EC. I have this love/hate thing with EC. I know that it is waste of time yet I love the idea of the cute little widgets :)

I'll be visiting soon.


Ann said…
Hope you're feeling better soon. Good thing you finally went to the doctor.
madison said…
Darling, this is fantastic. I stumbled across your blog and found myself captivated. It's glorious. Please visit my personal blog sometime;

Afternoon Tea:
EC Widgets are ugly not cute :-P

I've left one on English Wilderness, but removed them from my other blogs.

I hope you're feeling better soon.
rainfield61 said…
Hope that you are better right now.
Anonymous said…
Rest for a while longer, Jo, and don't do too much. Hope you feel better soon!
WillOaks Studio said…
So happy to hear you're on the mend, but Icy is right, you need to be a little patient to beat this thing because sometimes, folks relapse into a new round with pneumonia if they don't fully recover. I can't believe you echoed my exact thoughts and feelings about EC up there, including my experience with dropping of late as I've been so busy ;D
Thanks for buying an EC ad with me today!
jam said…
You will be alright! Take care!
Ratty said…
I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better. Hopefully you'll be eating waffles very soon. :)
Self Sagacity said…
I sure hope you are doing better, it doesn't sound good. What is EC?
Kass said…
Have no idea what EC is, but I love your blog. Hope you feel better soon.
Lori said…
Oh Joanne, I hope you're well soon! I'm glad you went to the doctor. Soon you'll be right as rain. :)
I notice your Entrecard widget has gone now :-) Just out of curiosity are you still getting drops in your inbox?

I was still getting ghost drops 6 days after removing my widget. Just proves some people are cheating the system.
Thank you to all and I am feeling much better and Ratty I'm close to eating those waffles very soon :)

John, Not only was I getting drops in the inbox but after I had removed the widgets from both of my blogs within minutes I received 18 ad requests. How in the world that happened was completely beyond me. Long story short, I canceled my account with them and am so relieved.
I have been having a love/hate relationship with Entrecard - it wrecks havoc on my computer. I'm taking a break from it for a while - don't know if I'll be back. But I'm a follower so I'll still be dropping by every now and then. Hope you're feeling better!
Cinnamon, I know the feeling. I finally canceled my account with them. It's been quite a relief for me and I am on the mend, Thank you.

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