Ethereal Beach Walk

Photo taken by me @ Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Ethereal Beach Walk

He walks among saltwater sea tears
skimming forgotten footprints
eroding the shore.

Translucent silver jewels
reflect the sun
forming crystalline memories.

Child's play echoes off turquoise depths
and thunderous wavelengths
cleansing high tide.

He hears, sees and feels
clinging as a barnacle to shore
buried as a sand dollar

beyond footprints.


Hey I have an offer for you ... would you be willing to write a guest blog entry for my blog (with links back to yours here) about how to take good pictures of animals?

Let me know if you're interested and I'll fill you in on the details.
rainfield61 said…
Nice picture.

And I like those words.
Anonymous said…
This is completely gorgeous!
Bangchik said…
The waves break into laughter as the clouds clown. ~ bangchik
Secondary Roads said…
Beautiful and altogether lovely.
Dogs, that sounds great and I will email you about it. Thanks.

Thank you Rainfield :)

Brittany, thanks for the kind compliment :)

Bang, Ooh, I like that and should add it to the verse. Thank you.

Chuck, Thanks so much.
Margie said…
Would you like to take some pictures of the Margiesdales laying on that beach?
Margie, How about I lay with them while you take the photos?
Diane AZ said…
Beautiful words and image. It's been a long time since I've walked on a beach, this brings back memories.
ian said…
i can almost see the words come alive and become intertwined with the sea. well-done =]
koe said…
Joanne - very, very nice. I love the banner and the photoscapes too.
Diane, Aw, I think I would go a little nutty or at least nuttier than I already am not being able to walk along the beach.

ian, Very nice comment, thanks so much ian.

koe, well thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting.
Ann said…
Beautiful poem and I want to be walking on that beach RIGHT NOW :)
Ann, :) Well it's overcast, with rain coming in soon though a bit warm so for me, it's the perfect time to be out there :D
*MrsMartinez* said…
Wow! We should visit San Francisco beach when we visit SF next time! It's a serene picture. xoxo
Vernz said…
This is a cozy place to sit and think .... thanks for sharing ...

Anything Davao
In This Side of Town
VS said…
Such a beautiful view, I can feel the serenity in it :) great photo
WillOaks Studio said…
Beautiful photos, poignant poem, sigh....
Lovely poem and photo. Boy do I miss the beach and warm weather!
Mrs. M, you absolutely should plus the Cliff house while you are there. Let me know when you travel out here. xoxo

Vernz, it really is very peaceful. thank you

Davao, thanks so much for reading and commenting.

VS, yes it is so tranquil. Thank you.

Karen, Aw, thank you :)

Jennifer, I have to say I am spoiled living here. Thanks for dropping by.
Martha Z said…
A beautiful, peaceful spot and lovely words to go with it. When I drive this stretch of highway it is usually at this time of year when only a few hardy souls are out on the sand. Sometimes Hubby and I will stop and enjoy the solitude.
Thank you Martha. This is actually my favorite time to be out there. While it's beautiful to get shots while it's sunny with blue skies, my favorite time is in the fog. It's just gorgeous. Isn't it fun to just stop out there and enjoy the waves?
Ratty said…
I looked at the photo first, and I just had to stop and examine it longer. The poem enhanced the exact mood I had from looking at this great picture.
Cher said…
nice poem & photo, Jo! you are so poetic, i ran out of words to say. :)
DK Miller said…
Very nice photo and poem and they went together perfectly.
C said…
oooooohhhhhh!!!! and sand dollars are my most favorite things!!!!!! :D :D
C said… to snowflakes that is.... ;)
RNSANE said…
Lovely photo when Ocean Beach is not crowded. The poem is spectacular.
Thanks to all of you for your kind words and comments.

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