Red Panda Acrobats

Photos and video taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens Lunar New Year Flower Market Celebration.

This is an annual event in San Francisco and a festivity I thoroughly enjoy. Even though I still do not have much energy, this event was something I was NOT going to miss no matter how I felt.

The Red Panda Acrobats are based in the Bay Area and have toured all over the world. They were originally formed in China and appear at events, school functions, on local television, street festivals and corporate events. They are a staple at the Lunar New Year event at the gardens however I hadn't seen them until today. I was always too early or too late for their performance. Today, I arrived just in time.

All I can say was this guy was amazing as you will see in the videos below. There was juggling, acrobatics, shimmying in and out of barrels, balancing acts and just downright fun. He was engaging, had great interaction with the audience, allowed for children to participate and had the most discipline, endurance and strength that I've seen in a very long time. The first video demonstrates all of these characteristics and much more. I was simply blown away by his acrobatic expertise. I would love to see them perform again. Enjoy!


Secondary Roads said…
You are so blessed by the wonderful diversity of the Bay Area. Hope you had a great V-day.
Chuck, we really are and that is one of the reasons I love my home so much. I had a wonderful V-day and hope you did as well. Take care.
betchai said…
oh, i love watching acrobats Jo, they always amaze me
Diane AZ said…
Amazing videos, the acrobat's strength and balance is impressive!
Ann said…
Wow, he's amazing. That looks like so much fun, would love to see his whole act
betchai, me too. I stood there in awe watching this guy.

Diane, He was simply amazing.

Ann, It was very impressive. I couldn't take anymore video because I forgot to bring extra batteries or you would have seen more of him.
AVCr8teur said…
That is amazing! I have never seen or heard of this act before! He does everything!
Karen, He really does, he just blew me away. I have to find out where else they will be performing.
It sounds like a lot of fun. The videos aren't working for me, otherwise I know I would've enjoyed them.
Icy BC said…
The strength in his arms amazed me, and the performance is very impressive. I too enjoy these videos, Jo!
Catherine, Oh, I'm sorry you can't get them to work. You can always check out their website though, for photos. Thanks for visiting.

Icy, I know, I couldn't believe what I was seeing at times. Glad you like them, thanks Icy.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love SF! The gardens and the people oh and most specially the shopping malls "downtown". Is that what you call it?

Sorry a bit off topic lol I got carried away. These acrobats are trained really well. I see most of the kids clapping in the last picture.

Ratty said…
That is some amazing stuff! I wish I could do that! I kept thinking it must hurt trying to squeeze through that ring. The balancing and juggling were also both excellent.
Martha Z said…
The kids seem enthralled. It looks like a fun progam to watch.
lina said…
A Happy Lunar New Year to you.Hope you have a special V-day too! :)

Those acrobats are awesome. I would've sat there with my jaw dropping to the floor watching them. :)
C said…
Wow, I really appreciate your love for the Chinese New Year. Thank you. :) And I am saying thank you as I am 1/2 Chinese. :)

May the year of the Tiger bring you prosperity, courage, justice, level-mindedness, and also spontaneity! Happy New Year!!!!!!! :)

Janiss said…
Like Ratty, I've always wished I could do acrobatics. I did take high school gymnastics and later on, some acrobatic/stunt classes - not that I was able to do ANYTHING, LOL! But it did give me an understanding, and extra admiration for those who DO have the talent, like the acrobat you captured. I'd love to catch this troupe.
Self Sagacity said…
Thanks for sharing! That was fun to watch. Happy Valentine and New year.
VS said…
The guy absolutely has talent! I always wish I could do that, but to think again I might not stand the hurt of being sprained :)
DK Miller said…
Wow, that looks really cool! Very impressive.
Sharkbytes said…
Wow- I love this kind of stuff- and to see it for real, up close- very cool!
Mumsy said…
Wow...he is amazing! I would love to learn to juggle.
Mrs. M, yes there is so much shopping available downtown that you need days to find everything you want :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post, thanks again for visiting xoxo

Ratty, I was in awe during the entire show. It was so cool.

Martha, yes, the kids love as do the adults.

lina, that was pretty much me :D Thanks for dropping by.

C, and to you as well. I hope it brings happiness, love and many blessings to you.

Janiss, I do not have great balance so anything in that genre would look like a comedy stunt if I tried it. I really admire people who have this enormous talent.

Self S, thanks and a happy lunar new year to you as well.

VS, exactly, I feel the same way :D

Diane, it was so cool to see in person.

Shark, it really was, I hope to catch them again somewhere soon. Thanks for visiting. I loved your post today.

Mumsy. Me too :D Thanks
DoanLegacy said…
This is such a nice thing to see..You did great with your videos, I enjoy watching him perform.
Doan, thank you, it was so much fun.
RNSANE said…
It is so wonderful to see the litte ones mesmerized by these acrobats - though I imagine quite a few of the older folks are just as entranced!
Doan, thanks it was so much fun.

Carmen, everyone was mesmerized including me :)

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