Beach Fires & Contradiction

Taken by me at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

What to do? No Fires yet beach fires permitted in certain areas. I've seen the beach and very recently where beach fires and partying takes place all hours of the night and result in small stretches of the beach looking like a war zone. Either completely allow it and have a beach cleanup plan in place on a regular basis or don't allow it at all and have the park police enforcing the law.

Ocean beach is beautiful. I remember spending countless hours throughout my life at this beach and now not even being able to walk along certain stretches of the shore because of the debris and garbage. The city needs to wake up and do something. Your thoughts?


Kass said…
...maybe if you're the organizer. But I agree, something needs to be done.
Anonymous said…
The only way to keep the beaches clean is to allow NO FIRES, and enforce that law with zero toleance. In Santa Cruz no fires are allowed on the city beaches. They are clean and beautiful. They still allow fires on their state beaches, and that is where all the gang stabbings and shootings happen, and the state beaches are trashed every night with broken bottles and garbage.
Kass, thanks that is a thought.

Anon, That makes perfect sense to me. The problem out here is that the regular police have no jurisdiction on the actual beach so it falls upon the park police who do nothing. I think the city and Mayor's office needs to look into the problem. I was there the other day taking photos and along one stretch between about Noriega and Rivera actually looked like a war zone. I was shocked.

On another note I love Santa Cruz and haven't been there in a long while. It's gorgeous out there. Thanks for commenting.
Ann said…
While I love a good fire, sitting and staring into the flames, beach fires always remind me of the scars that I have from stepping in hot coals that were laying on the beach when I was 2 years old.
Anonymous said…
I think a designated area with signs that clearly state where beach fires are permitted is a good plan. Then enforce it!
betchai said…
oh, i love looking at some beaches sometimes with people enjoying beach fire, however, if it causes the beach to be full of trash, then, maybe there should be stricter rules against littering.
Ann, OMG, that sounds horrible and at 2 yrs old? You poor thing, Yes, unfortunately with the partying that goes on you can find anything out there on the beach. It's really not safe to walk in some areas.

dawn, that is a great idea and a good compromise. Thanks.

betchai, exactly with all the littering and garbage it just is not safe in some areas.
Ratty said…
This is the kind of thing a city needs to organize. If they were creative about it they might even be able to use the cleanup as a way to make the money back for their effort.
Very good point Ratty, they need to do something.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I think they should do a clean up drive or else who would enjoy the beach! I love beach and it makes me upset to know that the city isn't doing anything and turning a blind eye on an issue xoxo
Self Sagacity said…
Beach fire is very dramatic and it relaxes me. Love campfires and the feel of warmth in the open air.
RNSANE said…
It is awful to see this long expanse of beach full of litter. Did you see my post on Eleuthera, the magical Bahamian island that is so pristene and beautiful? Someone actually made statuary of trash picked up along the beach. Very sad, really!
Mrs. M, same here nothing is being done and it's dusgusting.

Self, Yes they are relaxing but someone needs to clean up afterwards. Thank you.

Carmen, It is very sad. The stretch from Pacheco to Santiago looks worse than a war zone and nothing is being done.

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