The Culver's Jazz Club - Sony Holland Concert Review

What a fantastic concert. You always here the phrase "you just can't improve upon perfection," however Sony Holland just gets better and better each time I hear her sing. She totally blew me away the other night at Culver's jazz club. She didn't just sing, she performed. Her band, The Theo Saunders Quartet who just happens to consist of some of the best players in the Los Angeles area was off the cuff. Not to mention Jerry Holland who is the best guitarist EVER. Below is a short snippet of the band performing "You Never Can Tell." Now remember I am not a videographer and I have a cheap camera so don't expect HD quality here :)

The club itself is nestled within the lobby and bar area of the Radisson hotel. It was founded in 1991 by Merle Kreibich who is just a sweetheart. She not only introduced Sony and the band but informed us about the upcoming shows and thanked the entire audience for coming out to the club. It was that special touch that made this club so special. You can click here to read more about the club including a calendar of upcoming performances.

If it has Sony's picture I take photos of it - hence, the sign above which was located right outside the door of the Culver's Club.

Above is a photo of the bar. Upon arriving at the hotel we decided to get a small bite at the bar before getting ready for the show. Besides we had a little time to kill so where better to spend it then at the bar? We ordered a plate of quesadillas of which we shared. It was a surprisingly large plate for a small bite. They were spicy, tasty and hit the spot. Inside the club there is a bar menu which holds an eclectic variety of food choices. I decided to have the crab cakes which were delectable and a non alcoholic beer. I was pleasantly surprised with the food in this club. The service was so friendly and accommodating that it made me feel as if I were home. They know how to treat their patron's at Culver's Club. Customer service is obviously top priority there and very much appreciated. I will have more on the food at this hotel in another post.

In the above photo, Sony and her band performing.

Theo Saunders tickling the ivories in the above photo. This guys rocks!!!

Me and my little buddy Sabrina above. I was so happy she joined us for the after concert festivities. Which reminds me I want to thank Gary and Trish, Sabrina's parents for again providing the bubbly and sweet treats for the after party. They do this at each of Sony's concerts and it is so much appreciated. Thanks you two.

It would not be a Sony Holland concert without her signature "At Last" performance. The above amateur video is a short clip of Sony and the song. Enjoy!

Stay tuned as I will have much more during this week.


Icy BC said…
Sounds like a fun time, a nice place to be, and you took beautiful pictures, and videos..
Ann said…
Well it sounds like you really had a good time. Enjoyed the photos and the little clips
Diane AZ said…
Culver's jazz club looks like a fun place and I enjoyed the photos and clips. Sony and her band are great performers!
DoanLegacy said…
Sony Holland has such a seductive voice, and your pictures show such a nice place to have the fun event!
Ratty said…
This makes me wish I had a concert to go to at a place like that right now. Most concerts I see are at large arenas, but the smaller places I've been to are maybe the most memorable. It's so fun to be close to the music.
Campbell Jane said…
Sounds like you had a blast! The video wouldn't work for me now, but I'll be back.
Vernz said…
I'm a jazzer, and I love every note of any jazz music... Sabrina is a darling .. so cute....
AVCr8teur said…
Thanks for the highlights and clips. It was almost like being there.
eng said…
Sounds like you had an amazing time, good for you.The venue is such a nice, cozy place as well.ohhh! and Sabrina is a definite cutie...adorable!
Janiss said…
It looks like you had a lot of fun for the brief time you were down here. I'm usually more rock 'n' roll-y, but I really enjoyed Sony's clips too. However, I just have to add that while Jerry Holland plays well, MY fiance is the best guitar player ever! ;-)
VanillaSeven said…
Looks like an awesome concert. Thanks for uploading the video Jo :)
Icy, thanks it was alot of fun and over too soon.

Thank you Ann, had a great time.

Thank you Diane.

Doan, yes she does and it was the perfect club for a concert.

Jane, I hope it works for you now, I checked and it seems okay.

Vernz, Thanks so much.

Karen, thanks for stopping by.

eng, isn't she though. Sabrina is a sweetheart.

Janiss, we had a fantastic time there and hopefully next time we can do some sightseeing as well. Thanks.

Vanilla, you are welcome, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks :)

Ratty, exactly, I much rather enjoy the small intimate clubs for that reason.

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