Unusual Photography

More photos from Culver City. I always enjoy the unusual and offbeat so this montage fit right into that genre. The above is a shot of some exotic foliage which was located right outside one of the decks at the Radisson. This place was built for comfort.

I just liked the shadow shot in the above picture. There were rock gardens all over the grounds and I really enjoyed the different shapes and sizes.

The above artwork consists of some type of tile and paint. I loved the color and texture when I noticed it outside the Radisson complex so I had to take a shot. You can enlarge all of these photos by clicking on the pictures.

I'll have more during the week but for now, this is all I can do on the computer. Still under the weather with no energy.

I'll hopefully be visiting all of you again next week.


Bangchik said…
Pictures are all about colors, pattern and arrangement. At the right blend, they are artistic.... I love the stones.... ~bangchik
B.Held said…
The ambiance is excellent.
eng said…
that is an interesting foliage and the rock i simply adore, i think they're gorgeous!

eng/ salitype
Ann said…
I like them all. I tend to take pictures of some pretty odd things sometimes but you never know what you're going to get. Hope you're feeling better soon
rainfield61 said…
Hope these peaceful and beautiful pictures can bring back your energy.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Love that tree, and the rocks are cool too. I would like a "garden" like that full of Lake Superior rocks. I have a bowl full, does that count?
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos, Jo, and just rest! It's hard to do anything without energy..I wish I could bring you a bowl of homemade chicken rice soup! Take care..
Bangchick, thanks I did too, there was something just very cool about them.

Thank you Brittany

So sweet, thank you Eng.

Ann, I like the odd and unique as well. Thank you, I am feeling a bit better.

Rainfield, you're a sweetie, thank you.

Shark, lol, it absolutely does, your own little bowl a rock :)

Icy, You are so sweet :) I've been eating nothing but greens, soup and fruit. Your chicken and rice sounds delicious :) Thank you, xoxo

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