In The Mood

This is a special post in honor of my parents who if they had lived would be celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary today. The photo above is a photo of them on their wedding day. I don't have a scanner so I had to take a photo of the original photo so that's why it is a little blurry.

My parents loved to dance, especially my Mom who taught dancing to soldiers during the 40's. One of my Mom and Dad's favorite songs was In The Mood by Glenn Miller. I have to admit I really enjoy the big band era as well. So, in honor of their wedding Anniversary I give you In The Mood with Glenn Miller - Enjoy!


Glynis said…
A lovely tribute and excellent music choice.
B.Held said…
This is so thoughtful and touching. Your parents would be proud of this tribute :)
Dhemz said…
oh the vintage pretty!

A lovely tribute indeed....:)
Secondary Roads said…
They were a very handsome couple. You honor them.
Margie said…
Wow! What a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary.
Do you have siblings?
Glynis, Thank you.

Thank you Brittany.

Dhemz, Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Chuck, you are sweet, thank you.

Margie, Yes, I have three younger brothers :) Thank you.
Your mom is so pretty, this a very nice tribute for your parents Jo.
fullet said…
They look so charming and happy, and that is a cool song for a couple on their wedding day. The video is priceless!
Ann said…
What a lovely tribute to your parents. They make a great looking couple
Mumsy said…
Beautiful tribute to your parents! I enjoy the video, and love those old kind of big bands too!
Silent Poet, Aw, thank you so much.

fullet, yeah that video is a classic.

Ann, Thank you so much
Marilynne said…
In The Mood is a toe tapper, that's for sure. What a nice tribute to your parents.
They are lovely. I consider myself as very blessed that my parents are still living after 60 years of age.
Marilynne, I love that song too.

Willie, Ah yes, enjoy, appreciate and love every moment you have with them. Thanks for visiting.
AVCr8teur said…
What a nice tribute! I kind of like the big band myself. I'm sure you have lots a great memories and thanks for sharing one with us.
jakill said…
What a lovely way to remember your parents, Jo. My father passed on just before he and my mother were to celebrate their 60th. Anniversarys are always very poignant when the protagonists are not still around. My sister and I have put a memorial seat on the sea front and we go and sit on it to commune with our parents.
*MrsMartinez* said…
What a lovely couple. Nice tribute to remember them by... xoxo
Karen, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

jakill, Yes, they are and so filled with happy memories. How wonderful that you have a special spot to commune with your parents. I've been thinking of doing something similar at the Gardens. Thank you so much :)

Mrs. M, thank you xoxo
betchai said…
Jo, I like the Big Band too, I think influence from my parents too who would happily dance in that music, my father is still alive and my mom has died, and your post brings me memories of my mom and dad happily dancing. They were not good dancers, they were just enjoying the song, that's why the melody always give me happy memories
RNSANE said…
I'm sitting here in my mother's place in Georgia, playing her Big Band CDs. I think I will take them to her extended care facility in Atlanta so she can listen to them. She always loved music and she has all of Sony Holland's music, too! That should make her feel better.

Your parents must have been wonderful, Jo...look at their daughter!
betchai, I'm so glad it brought happy memories to you. :)

Carmen, Between Sony's cd's and the Big Band cd's she will feel much better.

And, aw, you are too sweet, thank you xoxo

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