POMEGRANATE - Guest Post by Taylor Graham

Photo courtesy of The Shutterbug Eye


Here you are — alive.
Would you like to make a comment?
- Mary Oliver

One ruby seed as a memento – already lost
in lush March grass trampled into mud
by hooves or swarmed by a squabble of flies.

This morning, as if still asleep in a dream
parallel to daylight, you walked
the pasture among horses perfectly at home,

not wishing anything. Snow-drops on a stalk,
wild iris in the meadow. Split husk
of pomegranate – you dropped one seed,

translucent as sunrise, ghost of Persephone’s
globed fruit – as you walked between
sky and earth that bears your footprints,

a seed, an unsent letter.


Bangchik said…
Such beautiful buds seldom carry the same intensified colour and beauty right through to fruits. Beauty is therefore very much transient. ~bangchik
Anonymous said…
I love the line: "One ruby seed as a memento – already lost"

It's so beautiful.
Anonymous said…
"a seed, an unsent letter."

both the words and the photo are beautiful.
bangchik, you are so right and share your thoughts so eloquently. Thank you.

Brittany, I do too, her poetry is always so rich in imagery.

dawn, Thanks for always reading and commenting.
Ann said…
oh the picture makes me long for springtime
rainfield61 said…
You have your picture taken in the angle that tells a beautiful story.

Love.. it.. so.. much...
Icy BC said…
Beautiful poem! "A seed, an unsent letter" just said so much..
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hello Jo
I love the red and blue combination in the photo! It makes me happy since blue is my favorite color and well, red is such a rich color! xoxo
DK Miller said…
Beautiful poem and thank you for featuring my photo.
Kass said…
"...not wishing anything." What a perfect moment.
Ann, I know, same here.

rainfield, I am so happy you like it, thank you :)

Icy, it certainly does, thanks.

Mrs. M, glad you like it :)

Diane, You are very welcome, that photo is gorgeous.

Kass, Well said, thanks for stopping by.
C said…

i like how there is an unsent letter!!!!!

Aaaaah what a gorgeous photo and poem. Makes me long for Spring!
RNSANE said…
Excellent poem...yet another one of many from this talented poet...and I love DK Miller's photos!
Thank you C.

Accessory, I know, me too :)

Carmen, Yes they blend perfectly and Taylor is the BEST.

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