West Coast Lion Dance Troupe

These photos and videos were taken at the SF Botanical Garden Lunar New Year Flower Market celebration.

The West Coast Lion Dance Troupe hails from Daly City, CA and is the premier and most popular Lion Dance Troupe in the Bay Area. They are the draw for many Lunar New Year celebrations and one of the reasons I attend this particular event each year.

They were awesome as usual and put on a spectacular show. Due to the drums and music projecting such loud reverberations, the music this year was kept outside while the performance took place inside. What was interesting this year is that none of the children were afraid. So many years while attending these events, children are always scared of the lion dancers. This year, not at all. They were running up to them wanting to dance and play with them. It was adorable.

There is so much culture and tradition behind these dances and the lion costumes that I am going to give you their website link here: West Coast Lion Dance Troupe


Mumsy said…
You live in such a great community with all of these activities around! Thank you for the videos, I enjoy watch them.
Icy BC said…
Oh the dragon dances are fantastic to watch! These are awesome videos and pictures, Jo..
Bangchik said…
Dragon dance is always exiting, and its the music that help to create the impact ~bangchik
Mumsy, That's what I love so much about San Francisco is it's cultural diversity. There is always something fun going on.

Icy, Thanks I love watching the lion dancers. I still have to get down to Chinatown soon to experience the festivities there.

Bangchik, Exactly, the music is unmistakable, when you hear it you know the lion or dragon is waiting to dance :)
WillOaks Studio said…
What an amazing costume!! I agree that you live in an amazing place, culturally and so get to see and experience really incredible things! I have a weakness for felines...that one is spectacular!
Karen, yes the costumes are really spectacular. Great show.
Liz said…
I love the videos. They're so fun to watch.

Have a great day!
B.Held said…
I love the costumes, too :-)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sending this link to me so I can follower your page. You are favorite tour guide. You have so many things to see and places to visit. I love being able to travel around with you. :)
Brittany, they are pretty cool huh?

Checy, You are a sweetie and I think it's time to get a few postcards out to you again :) Thank you
Ann said…
The costumes are incredible. I hate to sound like everyone else but I can't help it :)
Ann, lol, they are amazing and I'd love to find out who makes them. They are even more elaborate at the actual CNY parade which will be on the 28th.
rainfield61 said…
It is always very great to watch the lion dance in the midst of exploding sound of fire crackers.

But the later was banned in Malaysia a long time ago.
DoanLegacy said…
Love to watch dragon dances, though some time they scare the kids..but this is traditional in our culture..and lucky red envelop money!
rainfield, Really, why? Because they can be dangerous?

Doan, I've always wondered about the red envelope, I don't know much about it.
RNSANE said…
Such fun...I left all my red envelopes at home. I bought so many of them when I was in Hong Kong, they will last the rest of my life!!!
Carmen, you can give me some, I never think to buy any.

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