Botanical Garden Bookshop, Signage & Information

Taken outside the Botanical Garden directing visitors to the arboretum, the library and the gardens. I took many more signage photos though only a couple came out good.

This is the small bookstore which is located at the main entrance. If you like a tight squeeze, this is the spot for you. The shop is so small that if there are three people in there it is crowded. However they have a fantastic variety of books on not just gardens and botany but on San Francisco, Bay Area history and even poetry. There is also a large assortment of handcrafted greeting cards, postcards and maps. The daily guided tours which are conducted by volunteers begin at this spot. I've never taken a tour because I enjoy exploring on my own. Besides I always venture off the pathways into the redwood trails and foliage.

There are so many different gardens within the garden that it's a natural paradise for nature lovers. This is just one of them.

Their signage and posts for each and every flower, plant and tree etc... is informative and a great learning tool for everyone.

Make sure to click the photos to enlarge and read the text.


rainfield61 said…
I like to visit Botanical Garden. It is not hot and so green in there.
DK Miller said…
It looks really nice. I can say if I'm in the area, I really want to go to the botanical gardens. That's from your blog.
jakill said…
I do love your posts about the garden, Jo. And hopefully this comment is going to work this time.
We used to live in Monterey when hubby was in Navy and had a few chances to get up to the Bay area - loved it there, but never got to the Botanical gardens! Would love to go back and visit someday soon!!
rainfield, that's why I love it so much.

Diane, Thank you and I do hope you come out here one of these days.

jakill, Yes, lol, your comments are working fine. Thank you

Ollie, Monterey is so beautiful and I don't get there nearly enough as I'd like. Thanks for visiting.
RNSANE said…
I do love the Botannical Gardens myself though I haven't visited much in recent years. When I used to work, long ago, at St. Mary's, my colleague and I often went on picnics there!
Ann said…
What a cute book store. It does look small though. I wish we had the Botanical gardens here. I want to explore.
Carmen, it's fun picnicking there. We should do that one of these days.

Ann, You'd love it and so would Duke :)
betchai said…
i love going to botanical gardens too Jo, they always give a sense of peacefulness and relaxation.
EastCoastLife said…
The tiny bookshop looks cute.
I prefer to explore places on my own too, I don't like to go on guided tours. Sometimes I don't get to see what I like. :)
Icy BC said…
Wonderful photos, Jo..What a beautiful place you have there!
AVCr8teur said…
I've never been in that bookstore. Looks like they have a variety of books in such a small place.
betchai, yes, they inspire me too :)

EastCoast, Exactly, I want the freedom to explore what I like, thanks for visiting.

Icy, I love it so much :)

Karen, they really do, it's amazing what they have in that small spot.

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