Plant Mania

All photos taken by me @ the SF Botanical Gardens

As you walk into the main entrance of the gardens right behind the small bookshop there are plants and bushes lined up against the fence by the pathway into the gardens. If you are not observant, you will miss the narrow stone pathway behind the plants and bushes that is nestled between the main plants, bushes and fence. All of these photos were taken in that little alcove.

Now you would think with all the time I spend there that if I didn't already know the names of these plants, that I would take notes and jot them down. Everything is clearly marked and posted throughout the entire gardens. However, I am always so excited to be there and taking photos that I always forget to take names. So, while I do not know to what species these belong, I'm sure many of you do. I just loved them for their unique and exotic look. Remember to click the photos to enlarge.



Mumsy said…
Sorry to hear about your botanical garden little trouble, but I do hope it will find the answer soon. Your photos show so many beautiful parts of this garden..I enjoy taking my mental trip through your pictures!
Kass said…
Oh, you do know how to have a good time!
VanillaSeven said…
Exotic range of plants! I wonder how the small bookshop you mentioned look like Jo :)
Mumsy, Thanks for your kind words.

Kass, I try :D

Vanilla, I actually have a photo of the bookshop which will be posted along with some signage on Sunday. Thanks for visiting.
Margie said…
Beautiful. The Margiedales said you lined them up against a fence once...
Anonymous said…
that's beautiful
Ann said…
I don't know what any of them are but they sure are pretty. That last one looks really familiar though
Margie, I actually line em up all the time :D

Brittany, Thank you.

Ann, I know, I'm going to have to jot down names from now on, thanks.
Anonymous said…
They are lovely Jo... makes me long for spring!
Dawn, I know me too, I can't wait :)
Liz said…
Lol, same here. I get fascinated with taking photos and keep forgetting to list down the names of plants and flowers. The pictures are great. :)

Have a safe and fun weekend.
Ratty said…
I think it's more fun just seeing them than remembering their names. One day you'll look at a plant and know the name, and you won't really know how you learned it, but you'll never forget it.
Lovely photos! Looks like a fun place to visit:)
Diane AZ said…
Oh, such beautiful colors and textures! I think some of those would grow well in my area.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I hope to read an update on the status of your garden petition. xoxo
Ratty, I hope so and I take your word for it. Thank you :)

Jennifer, It's a wonderful place to visit and just enjoy. Thanks.

Diane, Oh, I know they would, thank you.

Mrs. M, There will be a community meeting on it at City Hall in March so I will update everyone as to what happens. Thank you Michelle.
RNSANE said…
Wonderful photos, Jo, some of these look like succulents but I am not sure what variety. I've forgotten all my gardening knowledge!
Carmen, With the time I spend there, I should be taking notes on all the species.

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