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While taking my walk in the neighborhood I came across this cute little stone flower planter by the Jewish Community Center. I loved the colors and flowers so I took a snapshot.


Due to the color and textures of the original photo I decided to play around with it and add some bubbles, swirls and a darker color. I admit I got a little carried away but it was fun. The after shot looks a bit surreal to me. The bubbles added that extra oomph!

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rainfield61 said…
You are as playful as me. LOL.
Rainfield, lol, yes I am :)
Bangchik said…
The treatment really put the flower pot into science fiction mode! ~bangchik
Bangchik, I know, I got carried away :D Thanks.
fullet said…
I'm amazed at how you worked on the round center, and that blue is definitely my kind of blue. I love all those effects!!
fullet, thanks so much, it's fun playing around with photos. Glad you like it.
Margie said…
You don't fool me. You'd rather be playful with the Margiedales!
Ann said…
I like it. I'm always getting carried away with the effects. I just can't help myself.
Margie, Shhh, well of course but I can't post that here :D

Ann, I'm the same way :) And I always love what you do.
WillOaks Studio said…
The planter is just so sweet--the manipulated planter looks like a witches cauldron!!
Karen, You're right it does :) The good and the bad. Just like me :D
Icy BC said…
I love the colors, Jo, and it does look surreal, but a great one!
Sharkbytes said…
Now it looks like a floating sci-fi world. I like what you did better than the original!
Icy, thanks it is so much fun playing around with these.

Shark, Wow, it really does, I hadn't thought of that. It is much more colorful and has more character than the original. Thanks.
AVCr8teur said…
That is neat and very creative! I would never have guessed they were from the same picture. The bubbles were a nice touch!
Karen, yeah the bubbles put it into a whole new context. Thanks and also thanks for the Berkeley info.
chubskulit said…
Very interesting transformation.

PS. I just followed your blog and networked blog/facebook.
chub, Thank you and I am following you on your blog and FB networked blogs as well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
RNSANE said…
Looks like it might have been watered with psychedelic drugs by an old Haight Ashbury recluse - or, perhaps, this is what he saw after consuming his drugs!!
Carmen, LOL and I was completely sober when I did it.

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