Wordless - Wild Weed - Wednesday


RNSANE said…
Even weeds have their beauty - as long as they are not taking over your vegetable garden!
They are just as beautiful as flowers if not more :)
SquirrelQueen said…
In our yard the dandelion is a weed, in the forest it would be a wildflower. It's all a matter of perspective. Beautiful photos.
DK Miller said…
Beautiful dandelion shots!
Mumsy said…
These are just gorgeous, and so cheery for today..
Secondary Roads said…
Aren't they lovely? Around here, the blossoms are gone for the most part. I can see only three in flower in an area of about 2 acres.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Looks like one of the wild lettuce relatives, but hard to say without a little more detail of leaves. They ARE pretty!
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful flower, even if it's just a weed!
Did you hold them under your chin to see if you like butter, a childhood memory.Like the light catching on the 1st shot on the edge of the petals.We always gave bouquets to my mom and she put them in a small vase.Meanwhile my dad was out digging them out of the yard.
rainfield61 said…
The yellow colour is radiating. Fantastic.
Anonymous said…
I was just out a half an hour ago taking the same shots! Mine did not come out near as lovely as yours though!
Such a beautiful flower and so underated too!
dddiva said…
I love dandelions- little balls of sunshine. These are great pics.
Ann said…
Ever since I saw my first macro shot of a dandelion I have been totally fascinated with them. They really are quite remarkable.
What beautiful shots. At first I thought that these flowers were chrysanthemums but your other readers say they are dandelions. Probably they are just similar. Thanks for the wonderful photos. God bless you always.
RoseBelle said…
I have dandelions in my garden for the first time this year. I think they are pretty flowers. My little one loves to blow on the white furry balls whenever she sees them.
SquirrelQueen, exactly, I agree, you have the right idea.

Thanks, Diane

Mumsy, that's what I like about them, they are so cheery.

Chuck, they really are and they are all over out here. I just love them.

Shark, they could be and yes they are very pretty

Doan, I completely agree :)

OutonthePrairie, what a wonderful and touching story, thank you so much. You've made me smile like the flower :)

Rainfield, It's like a burst of sunshine

dawn, oh I'd love to see your shots, you take amazing photos.

Jennifer, no truer words... Thanks.

dddiva, Yes, I like that, balls of sunshine, well said.

Ann, they really are for being weeds.

Thanks so much, Mel :)
RoseBelle, yes, that is so cute, children love them. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
yoon see said…
Wow! What a yellow delight I get here this morning, I love all the unique composition:)
Love your third eye solution.

Happy weekends in advance.

I do drop by on Monday but can't comment.
I am glad now I can do so again:)
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous picture of the flower, Jo! I'm guessing it's dandelion..
Yoon see, I'm so glad you stopped by and thank you. Have a wonderful weekend ahead :)
Self Sagacity said…
isn't it funny that when you really look at a simple forgotten weed, it is actually beautiful in its own way?
betchai said…
is this a dandelion Jo? very pretty. when all but the fuzzy white are left, it still is beautiful.
Ratty said…
Dandelions have always been my favorite wildflower. I think they even look good on lawns.
Self, very well said and so true, thanks so much.
Vernz said…
Gorgeous Flower .... well captured... love it.
VanillaSeven said…
I love how the petals arranged in such beautiful way.
Tabib said…
No need for word to describe this beautiful dandelions
jakill said…
In my garden, these used to be the bane of my life. But there is no denying their exquisite beauty.
Sadia Hussain said…
Beautiful image! Spreading smiles!!!
Icy, yep it is and I love those :)

Betchai, thank, yes I see that beauty too.

Ratty, I do too, it gives the lawns color and character.

Thank you so much, Vernz.

Vanilla, yeah, the petals are poetic :)

Tabib, Thank you.

jakill, lol! Thanks.

Sadia, so well said, I like that, spreading smiles :)
Dandelions are the sunniest flowers. My little one now love to pick me bouquets of them. Your pictures are really pretty.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the last photo. I think you just captured a blooming flower

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