Flower Fuzzies


Bangchik said…
They are not in the category of roses, as far as beauty and neatness is concerned. But there is some element of cheekiness in their beauty! ~bangchik
RoseBelle said…
The first looks like it's about to bloom some pink flowers. How pretty! I've never seen the second flower before. I don't suppose it's an indigenous SF flower, is it?
Bang, exactly, it's the unique qualities :D

RoseBelle, It could very well be. I am going back today and I'll try to find more info on both, if I can find them again :)
Looks like lousewort and painted cup, scrophulariaceae family at least.Gorgeous!
RNSANE said…
Ever beautiful....such fun you're having but don't give up on all the other wonderful photos you used to shoot.
fullet said…
I don't know the name of these flowers (what a surprise, I did not guess the car headlight in your photo either :), but they are so unique, love these textures.
I hope you'll join the contest on my blog!
Ann said…
Both are quite unique looking. I love the second. It looks so soft
No need for words.. The pictures speak poetry themselves.
Ruthi said…
I took photos of these kind of flowers too. I find them very interesting but not too crazy to touch them. Gives me some goosebumps... but they are really pretty.
Ratty said…
These are both so good. It almost looks like a little bird perched on that first one.
I love how macro can capture the little details that we don't always notice on our own. The second one is especially interesting.
Self Sagacity said…
My oh my, what beauty we encountered. The first pink fuzzy flower is so intriguing. Looks like there are many layers as well.
AVCr8teur said…
The first photo looks like a flower within a flower. I like it and looks like spiders might have made it their home.
Out on the Prairie, thanks for the info, it could very well be. Thank you.

Fullet, Thank you and I will check out your contest tomorrow :)

Ann, I like the fuzziness :)

RS, Aw, thank you for the kind compliment :)

Ruth, yes, they are very pretty and also so exotic.

Ratty, you know I never thought of that but you are right

Catherine, exactly, that's what I love about macro. We can see the beauty in the tiniest of details. Thanks

Self, Thanks, yes several layers and all fuzzy, it needs a shave :D
Karen, you know you've got a point there because I can see very thin webs.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the first photo would you know what it's called?
SquirrelQueen said…
Very interesting flowers, the first one looks familiar but I have no idea on the last. I would love to know what they are.
Icy BC said…
These photos are just amazing, Jo..I can see every tiny hair on each part of the flower!
Michelle, Unfortunately I don't know what the first one is but I will do some research.

SquirrelQueen, The second one is an Austrian Pine. The first one I don't know.

Icy, I know, it's so cool :)

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