Busy Bees

I am becoming much more comfortable around the bee population. I think they're beginning to pose the way the squirrels do :)


DK Miller said…
Fantastic captures! I love bees and photographing them! Enjoy your weekend!
Ann said…
Great shots, I recently had a good experience with a bee who was quite cooperative.
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous pictures of the bees..Fantastic shot!
rainfield61 said…
Can a bee as dangerous as a squirrel, or a squirrel as dangerous as a bee?
Kass said…
Oh my yes, that bee looks like he's in heaven.
chubskulit said…
Wow, she didn't even notice that you are taking pictures of her, must have had a lot of nectar in it.
Self Sagacity said…
You captured his work wonderfully. I bet he been caught before and didn't care.
Icy BC said…
Wow...you capture 2 kinds of bees there, Jo! They seem so into their jobs.
lina said…
Busy bee at work... :)

Those are aawesome photos.
Nice post, I like tolook at their hindlegs and see the amont of pollen they have collected.In a large field of prairie blooms I enjoy sitting and listening to the latest buzz.
betchai said…
oh, you nailed the action of busy bees Jo, wonderful
THanks, Diane and I hope you did as well.

Ann, I saw that. I think he knew he was being photographed and wanted his 15 minutes of fame :)

Thanks, Mumsy I always enjoy your visit.

Rainfield, well the squirrels are my buddies now so they're not dangerous. However, bees are not yet my buds so I'd have to say the bees are more dangerous.

Kass, LOL he does, huh?

Thanks, Joops

Chub, she certainly was busy, I wasn't even noticed, which is a good thing :D

Self, :D exactly...

Icy, they did not even see me :D

Thanks so much, Lina :)

Prairie, I don't mind the buzz at all unless it's near me :)

betchai, Thanks, it was interesting to say the least :)
AVCr8teur said…
Nicely done! You were just as busy taking pictures of the busy bees! :)

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