Home Improvement - Guest Post by Taylor Graham

Poetry by Taylor Graham and Photo by Joanne Olivieri (Poetic Shutterbug)
I really did not have a photo that fit the poem but for some reason I liked the above pic with the verse. Enjoy!


We’re blackbirds in search of a nest here, among
the aisles that taste of new-milled lumber and
sawdust in fluorescent sparkles, leading to the Paint
Center with its color-chips that ring like china
in a farmhouse cupboard. I run my finger over cool
adobe tile and carpet samples that smell of tabby fur,
a hearth cat who lives at peace with blackbirds.
No, a blackbird barely survives here, out of the rain
that artilleries the roof; he lives on bolts and wing-
nuts, disappears into high-gloss Ebony. You’ve got
your cart loaded with rolls of stockwire fence and
studded T-posts we’ll haul home to drive into bed-
rock-mortar, throwing a line around old Miwok
kitchens that were open-air to ridge and canyon
before this range was subdivided. Miwoks gone
out of mind like birds in the rafters. We’ve paid our
plastic for metal, now the sliding doors swish
us fare-thee-well and whisper shut behind us.
A warehouse blackbird is a homeless lot.


rainfield61 said…
I have an empty bird nest at my car porch. Your blackbirds can have it, FOC.
Truth Ferret said…
Wow, I went along on this too familar journey to the warehouse store and seen that same bird.
Real nice picture, and the poem reminds me of where I will be in a bit. Laughed the other day when in a movie they were at City Lights bookstore and thought of the poets they carried that I enjoyed so well. Loved spending hours going through books and watching for readings.
Ann said…
Paying for metal with plastic, I like that. What a great poem and I think the photo you chose is great. I love it.
AVCr8teur said…
Nicely written poem! I always feel bad for those birds caught inside a warehouse store. Do they ever find their way out? I'm glad your bright cheerful photo doesn't show the bleak surroundings of the blackbird.
Ruthi said…
what a lovely photo and poem. Thanks for sharing.
VanillaSeven said…
Are they ferns or flowers? They are so lovely!
betchai said…
what a beautiful poem filled with meaning, Jo. and the picture actually fits so well, it would be such a peaceful refuge for the blackbird.
Kass said…
Who would have thought you could make a poem out of warehousey things! I enjoyed both the picture and the poem.
Thanks for all your kind words and comments.
Self Sagacity said…
The Poem is so artistic and it took some brain power to absorb! Congrats to everyone here that understood it. I think it's awesome, thanks for perking up my brain power today. :-)
RNSANE said…
You know, I've seen birds before in huge warehouse stores. I wonder if they are nesting there...perhaps there is food in the wastecans from all those food samples they give out ( I know I can make a meal from them ).
Enjoyed Taylor Graham's poetry, as always.
Anonymous said…
Yes, our home improvement store always has birds flying among the rafters. They really would prefer to make a home in that lovely wysteria.
Beautiful picture!
I see birds inside the home improvement stores too and always feel sorry for them, wishing they would see the open doors and escape.
Sharkbytes said…
Amazing poem... thanks for sharing.

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