Rhododendrons at The Botanical Gardens

All of these were taken at the gardens with either the macro or super macro settings. I am not a flower expert and did not take notes so these are all from memory. If I have named a flower incorrectly then please let me know. I will also be posting flowers with no names. I have and am learning much from all of you so please don't hesitate to educate me when it comes to my flower photos. I may not know all their names but I do love all of them. Enjoy!


DoanLegacy said…
You've captured these flowers so beautifully and wonderfully. They are gorgeous!
Icy BC said…
These photos are just gorgeous, Jo! I think you're right about the name. (I took picture of the tag for these flowers before just to try to remember when I got home.)

There is such thing as super macro? Oh now I need a new camera..
Ruthi said…
Oh so that's the name of that flower. I took photos of those too but I don't know the name or shall I say I am too lazy to look up their name or google it. Thanks for the info.
VanillaSeven said…
This flower name is as complicated as the flower itself. Beautiful!
Mumsy said…
Oh these are beautiful rhododendrons in different colors..Fantastic photos!
jakill said…
Yes they are what you think. Gorgeous.
Thanks Doan, they are so beautiful I didn't have to do much but point and shoot.

Icy, I need to start doing that, taking a photo of the tag. Yeah this camera has a super macro so that you can get within a half an inch of the flower. Although Icy, your photos are like that now. They are amazing with whatever camera you are using.

Ruthi, I always forget to jot down the names but I'm going to start doing that now.

Vanilla, THank you :)

Mumsy, Thank you so much.

jakill, Thank you so much.
Kass said…
So sensuous and joyous!
Ann said…
Great shots. When I see these it reminds me of the huge rhododendrons that my dad had around his house
Kass,yes they are, thank you.

Ann, thanks and wow it must have been so wonderful to see those gorgeous flowers each day.
Martha Z said…
Beautiful, I love Rhododendrons but have been told they are hard to grow in our heat. I'll just have to enjoy your shots.
rainfield61 said…
I have the feeling that these flowers are wearing beautiful shirts and skirts.
Martha, I'm glad you enjoy them :)

Rainfield, yes they dressed up for the occasion of my taking their photos :D
nothingprofound said…
Magnificent shots of a spectacular flower. Any day now they should be blossoming here in NY. I can't wait.
DK Miller said…
These are all beautiful! I just love blossoms.
nothing profound, Awesome! thanks for visiting.

Thanks Diane, I do too :)
RNSANE said…
I love rhododendrons...they remind of the azaleas of my homeland, Georgia, which fill the spring with riots of color, competing with dogwoods and wisteria. I wish I got home more often during that time of the year.
Duni said…
Oh , these are just gorgeous! I love the varying shades of pink :)
I believe these flowers prefer the shade, right?
Carmen, they are beautiful.

Duni, Yes, they do but also do pretty well in non shaded areas.
Ratty said…
I saw some flowers like these the last time I was out. I didn't know their name until now.
Ratty, cool, aren't they gorgeous?
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the second to the last flower photo. It is so girly ; p
RNSANE said…
These are so beautiful. I think we saw the finale of them today at the Gardens. I wish I had gotten there a couple of weeks ago when they must have been really magnificent.

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