A Cornucopia of Flowers

Rhododendron Occidental

Center of Rhododendron Occidental


rainfield61 said…
I love to see Rhododendron Occidental, look like they are having flowers within flower.
Icy BC said…
My goodness, Jo! You blow me away with these gorgeous photos of flowers. Now, I want to have a new camera even more! Have a great day, and take more pictures
fullet said…
Most brides would melt if they saw these terrific bouquets. What a great series, Joanne!
Bossy Betty said…
Oh! You are a woman after my own heart! So lovely!
Ann said…
So pretty, I especially like that Rhododendron Occidental
DoanLegacy said…
Incredible shots of these beautiful flowers. The colors are also very pretty..
RNSANE said…
What a bounteous, beautiful, breathtaking bonaza of flowers - and they're pretty, too.
It looks like another world, so tropical and fascinating. Gorgeous images!
Zuzanna Musial said…
Dear Joanne, thank you for the wonderful photos of the lovely blooms. The pictures are beautiful and unique. Much enjoyed viewing.
Best wishes for a great summer!

from Zuzanna
Zuzanna Musial said…
Wonderful pictures of the blooming trees, flowers, the colors are magnificent!
Thank you so much for sharing such a beauty,Zuzanna
Ruthi said…
What a lovely collection of photos. Flowers may be the most photographed object... and you cannot get enough of them. I am an addict in flower photography myself. Great shots.
Thanks, Chuck

Rainfield, that's it, they are having baby buds within buds :)

Thanks, Chub.

Out on the prairie, thanks for the kind words.

Icy, you are sweet, thanks and I'm obsessed now so more pictures it is, you're gonna get sick of them :D

Thank you fullet :)

Bossy Betty, thanks for the visit and comments, much appreciated.

Ann, THanks, I love those too they're just so colorful.

Thanks so much, Doan

Carmen, You are so poetic :) Thanks

Thanks, Diane they are sort of exotic.

Zuzanna, thank you for visiting, reading and commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Ruthi, I am the same, a flower photo junkie :D

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