Spring Flowers - SF Botanical Gardens


rainfield61 said…
I am in the sea of flowers.
chubskulit said…
Gorgeous Blooms!
Rainfield, yes, swimming amongst the blooms :)

Michele, thank you so much.
So pretty! I bet the Botanical Gardens are beautiful right now.
Ann said…
Gotta love spring flowers. Is that first one a Rhododendron?
Kass said…
Effulgent and lush.
fullet said…
I love the shadows and the lights on the second one. Thanks for the flowers!
Glynis said…
Beautiful blooms, thanks for sharing.
DK Miller said…
Beautiful! I'm so happy for spring!
Morten Pedersen said…
Spring is a lovely time and so are these flowers.
lina said…
I love spring. :)
Catherine, the gardens are gorgeous right now. I just cannot stay away :)

Ann, yes and I have some gorgeous ones coming up in the next few days that I snapped with my new camera.

Kass, exactly, thank you.

Fullet, thank you for visiting

Glynis, thank you and you are welcome

Diane, Me Too!!! :)

Thanks, Chuck.

Morten, It so is and thank you.

lina, I do too :)
FunkyFolky said…
Oh my, there is no place in the world like a botanical garden... your pics are just beautiful! I can almost smell the flowers! Do you take trips out every week?
Funky, Thank you. Yes I am out there at least twice a week :)

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