The 8th Photo Tag

I've been tagged by Icy over at Dances of Dreams on the 8th photo tag. The rules are simple, go to your 8th photo folder and choose the 8th photo. Post it on your blog and the story behind it, then choose 8 of your fellow bloggers to do the same.

There really is no story behind this photo other than I was testing the macro settings on my new camera. I used the regular macro on this shot. I don't know what the flower is but I liked the exotic look and color so I snapped away.

I'm going to break the rules a bit and rather than choose 8 bloggers I am going to ask that anyone who would like to participate go right ahead. I'm anxious to see your photos.



fullet said…
Even if I had those macro settings on my camera, I wouldn't be able to take pictures like you do. I don't know the flower's name either, but it's fantastic!
Thanks fullet and I'm sure you would be able to take fantastic photos with those settings. Believe me, it's the camera, not me :D
Icy BC said…
What a gorgeous flower, whatever it is, Jo! The color is soft and wonderful too..
Icy, thanks I took it in the gardens but forgot where otherwise I'd go get the name for you :)
rainfield61 said…
I saw you "there" having your macro shots.

I am waiting to see the macro of the pink flower.

(You were with RNSANE that day. Didn't you?)
Rainfield, That flower will be on my blogpost on Friday. It's the last photo on the post. Yes, I was with RNSANE and did not know she took that picture of my "behind" :D
Ann said…
I got tagged by Vanilla Seven and I did the same thing. I have a post scheduled for later in the week and instead of naming anyone I left it open to anyone who wanted to do it. You're playing with the macro setting netted good results. Cool picture.
Cinnamon-Girl said…
That is really neat looking!
chubskulit said…
exotic indeed, love its leaves!
betchai said…
beautiful macro, Jo, awesome.
Thanks Ann. I've been playing with it so much I actually have a scratch on the lens already though it hasn't done anything to my pics, yet. I'll check out your posts this week.

Thanks, Cinnamon.

Chub, I love the exotics, even if I don't know what they are

Betchai, Thanks so much :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
You shoot great pictures Jo... I thought the picture looks likes a painting! Very artistic!
DK Miller said…
That's a great shot! Just beautiful!
Sharkbytes said…
That is awesome! I don't know what it is either, but how great that your 8/8 photo was a good one. Maybe I'll play... will decide later- I have lots to share without games.
VanillaSeven said…
It is beautiful even though taken randomly :)
Ratty said…
Closeups of flowers are what I like to get most with macro shots. A macro makes them seem more alien, but it reveals an extra layer of beauty.
Mrs. M, it does huh? thanks xoxo

THanks, Diane

Shark, I usually don't play these games but since it was Icy, I went for it and it was fun.

Thanks, Vanilla

So well said Ratty, it allows you to see the inner beauty as well. Love it, thanks
RNSANE said…
Hey, Jo, I didn't just shoot your gluteus maximus...I also got another good shot of you which I see you are using on your facebook page. I thought that one was a really good photo, a wonderful side view of a photographer, lining up a shot!

This picture, by the way, is great.

I wish I'd had my notebook with me that day to write plant names. I can't remember the name of that giant Chilean plant with the rather bizarre phallic flower that we see as we were heading out of the botannic garden toward the car. I'll have to go back there again one morning. Let me know when you have a morning free and we can stop by there, then venture to a new destination for some photos.

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