The Birds and The Bees

This was taken outside the Japanese Tea Garden as was the photo below.

This mallard was captured inside the Japanese Tea Garden

This bee photo, my first :) was taken at the Botanical Gardens as was the photo below.

This plant sculpture is located in the primitive plant garden at the Botanical Gardens.


Autumn Belle said…
I like to watch birds too but they are too fast for me. To make a dragonfly out of plants is very creative indeed. Very inspiring!
Secondary Roads said…
What a lovely place you have to visit. Nice shots.
rainfield61 said…
The Nature is with you, and you are with the Nature by now.
Kass said…
I love the colorful mallard balancing on one webbed ped.
Ruthi said…
Lovely. Love the first photo.
Anonymous said…
Golden Gate Park has a lot of good nature sites to see. Thanks for the photos.
Ann said…
The mallard photo is awesome. Love the coloring. I really like that plant sculpture too, very cool
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photo, Jo! I like the duck photo very much..
Diane AZ said…
Very cool birds and bees pictures, I enjoyed all of them!
Ratty said…
Robins are such sociable creatures. One of my favorite kinds of bird. All of your pictures of flying things this time are wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a fairy-tale to me. Wonderful photography. Please have a nice Tuesday.

daily athens
TheEye said…
love that plant sculpture...what a cool idea!
Autumn Belle, they are very fast. I've been know to chase birds around the garden :) Yes, that sculpture I though was pretty unique.

Thanks Willie

Chuck, yes I love it. I just hope it stays open. There's another vote on Wednesday before the board of supervisors.

Rainfield, yes, you are correct and so wise :)

Kass, isn't he a cutie. I was worried there was something wrong with his leg.

Ruthi, thank you and glad you enjoyed it.

Anon, Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Ann, yes his coloring is awesome. Thanks for dropping by.

Icy, thanks I do too :)

Diane, I was worried being that close to the bee :)

Thanks Ratty, we thought of you many times during that day especially around the wildlife :)

Mr. Athens, Thank you so much and you have a wonderful week ahead.

TheEye, Isn't it though? Thanks for visiting.
RNSANE said…
Nice pictures, was a fun day when we were out in the mist getting those shots!
AVCr8teur said…
Nice picture of your first bee! The plant sculpture looks like either a helicopter or a giant bee.
Carmen, It was fun even in the gray and mist.

Karen, I never thought of that but it does look like a helicopter :D
Self Sagacity said…
How beautiful, and so nature perfect.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love the green colored head of the third photo! I get itchy looking at those bee photos lol

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