My New Camera - Olympus SP-600UZ 12MP 15X Zoom SLR-Style Digital


I finally decided that I needed a new camera. Although I love my old one it just did not have some settings which I need, specifically macro and super macro. I also wanted something that can take photos in low light conditions such as nightclubs and concerts. My old camera, in low light conditions would show a black screen.

I researched for weeks and decided I wanted an Olympus due to its reputation for being around quite a while and producing sturdy and high quality cameras. There were so many on the market it was hard to choose. I stumbled across the SP-600UZ on the Home Shopping Network where on that particular day they were featuring this camera and offering an incredible price. Not to mention, they also offer flex pay so I didn't have to pay the full amount at once.

I love the look and also the fact that it included a 1 gb internal memory. I also liked the macro settings and as I mentioned the high ISO for low lighting. It has many features and you can also edit your photos right on the camera. The software is embedded into the camera. When I received it, I connected the camera to the computer and found that the software had a glitch in that I could not upload my photos to the computer. Error messages etc... kept surfacing. I was able to connect it twice but lost the photos. So, I was initially very disappointed until I decided to uninstall the software from the computer and use my old camera's software. Once I did that everything was fine.

I went to the gardens on Wednesday to test the camera and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is amazing. I can now get shots like Icy, Diane and many others do using the macro setting. The zoom is fantastic and the video quality is also good. I am thrilled with this and as a result will be posting nothing but photos for a while :D. Below is a sampling of some of the photos I took Wednesday. Enjoy!

Below is the link to the HSN website where you can find out more information on the camera.


Vernz said…
I'm planning of getting a new one too, I'll see more of your posts to see it's performance . congrats.
rainfield61 said…
I'll be as happy as you once I manage to have a new toy. A toy for an adult.
Vernz, It's always nice to upgrade. All of my photos from now on will be with the new one. I'll start posting more on Sunday. Thanks.

Rainfield, Toys are so much fun :D
Secondary Roads said…
Very nice! The camera and the photos too. I'm looking forward to seeing the more of your photos with that beautiful new camera. The first two are awesome.
I was hoping you'd show the type of camera you bought. It really takes great pictures! I'm still trying to figure some of the settings out on mine a year later :)
Chuck, thanks. I basically shot flowers using the macro settings. Now I'm going to get out there and get some regular shots, maybe beach and ocean shots to test and see how they come out.

Catherine, I'm the same way. With my old camera that I had for about 4 years and I still have, there are some settings in which I have no clue :D It's fun having a new toy. Thanks.
Mumsy said…
Beautiful photos. I'm addicted to macro setting myself. Have fun with your camera.
Mumsy, thank you. I've only had it a few days and I'm already addicted to the macro setting :)
Anonymous said…
Very nice! Have fun :)
Thanks, Dawn, it's nice playing with my new toy :)
Congrats Sis!

It is just like my Olympus digital Camera. Mine is the older version. I think mine is SP560UZ model and black in colour. The quality is good. But probably it won't perform that good at night or at a low light condition.

The lens Zoom? Superb! Like binoculars.
Kass said…
Oh yes, that camera is truly amazing. You are now blessed with a wonderful eye and a wonderful camera.
Ann said…
Oh a new toy, how fun. Your shots are great. I just love the macro setting. Because I don't have a macro lens for my DSLR when I want a macro shot I still use my point and shoot. One of these days I may invest in a lens or two for my good camera. Have fun with it
DK Miller said…
Lovely photos and cool looking camera! I look forward to seeing more photos. :-)
Ratty said…
You chose an excellent camera. An older version of this one was almost my choice when I bought my new camera. I bought a Canon in the end only because I'm already familiar with them. The choice was a tossup between the two. I can see your picture quality with this one is excellent. Have fun with your new toy!
Willie, Yeah, I have a friend that also has your model. The zoom lens I tested today and it's amazing. It takes good low light shots and video so I'm surprised and happy with that. I'll be posting more pics soon. Thanks.

Kass, thank you, I'm loving it.

Thanks Ann, I'm having alot of fun with it and using up all the battery life :)

Diane, I'll have much more over the next few weeks. Thanks.

Ratty, Thanks, I'm having a blast and finally able to get closeups of birds and wildlife. I'm ecstatic.
lina said…
A new toy to play with. Have fun!
ian said…
congratulations on your selection. i'm sure regardless of your tool, your great eye for nature's wonder will always make your photos look fantastic =]
Icy BC said…
Hi Jo, you have a real "bad boy" there. It would be so nice to take macro shots now..
line, I love new toys.

ian, aw, you are sweet and thank you.

Icy, I cannot believe how cool the macro settings are. I've taken some unbelievable shots with it.
wow.. wonderful pics and a cool cam =)
Priyanka, thank you, the camera is amazing!
I was wondering what brought on the renewed passion in your photos and why they just seem to "pop" that much more. Just had to read back half a month to see where I missed the post. I can't wait to see what you create with this baby.
Gary said…
You are definitely right with your decision on this camera. Great shots!

Will look forward to more of your snaps!
Gary, since this post, the camera has completely stopped working after four months of use. So, I had to get another camera.

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