Happy 90th Birthday - Vocalist Sony Holland Tribute To Peggy Lee

Photo courtesy of www.tcswing.com

Peggy Lee, was born in Jamestown, North Dakota on May 26th 1920. She is best known for her seductive rendition of "Fever" and lesser known songs such as "Come Rain or Come Shine."

When Lee was not performing she was reading the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson who gave her the inspiration to carry on with her music. She had a fanciful, flavorful and fulfilling life doing what she loved. She lived her passion and loved her life.

I wanted to share with you a tribute original song written by Jerry Holland and performed by Sony Holland to honor one of the greatest female jazz vocalists around. Peggy Lee was an inspiration to Sony and as Sony puts it "I'm a huge fan and always will be." Peggy Lee was a gift to all of us. Below is a video of Sony performing "Blame It On Peggy Lee." Enjoy! Happy 90th Birthday, Peggy Lee.


SquirrelQueen said…
I remember my mom playing Peggy Lee records and I loved her voice.

Happy Birthday Peggy Lee!
Ann said…
I also remember my parents listening to Peggy Lee and the two songs you mentioned I remember well.
Music to clean the house with croned my mom.My dad didn't think much for TV so we had a nice Hi-Fi for years.Need to look at what i have of hers, Sony makes it glow.
Mumsy said…
Happy birthday, Peggy Lee! Many more wonderful years to come to you!
Sony Holland said…
Thanks, JoJo. Peggy Lee was a special lady!
Squirrel, she has a great voice.

Ann, Yeah, Fever is what she is most known for.

Out On The Prairies, Same here. My Mom would listen to and sing with her songs and others. Sony is exceptional :) thank you.

Mumsy, Thank you.

Sone, She certainly was, as are you. It's those special North Dakota gals :) xoxo
chubskulit said…
Happy birthday!
Ratty said…
Fever must be one of the most famous songs of all time. Even though Peggy Lee is way before my time, it's still hard to believe that she's 90.
RNSANE said…
I love Peggy Lee and I, especially, love the song Jerry wrote with Sony performing it. What memories of good times in San Francisco hearing it brings back!

Happy birthday, Peggy Lee...I get a fever every time I hear her beautiful song!
Glynis said…
A great singer, thanks for sharing her birthday with us.
Love the tribute by Sony.
Ruthi said…
Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to all of your for the wonderful comments.
DoanLegacy said…
Love her voice, and many more wonderful years to come!

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