Leave Me Bee

Clever title huh? All of these shots were taken at the Botanical Gardens. The above shot is not a real plant or bee but is a metal sculpture which is located at the entrance to the gardens and serves as a donation box. I just always thought it was pretty cool. The rest of the leaves below are real :)

Above photo - Byzantia Silver Carpet located in the garden of fragrance

Palm leaves with center of palm tree


Kass said…
O.K., it's official. I have to get whatever you have on your camera. Some macro thingy. These photos are amazing! The yellow in the first one is so creamy. The bee looks like something from a science fiction movie. You can see right through his wings. The light on the fern fronds is not only poetic to say, but poetry to see. You can feel the fuzziness of the Silver Carpet. How did you get up to the top of the Palm tree to get that shot? And finally, you've made that leaf look so delicious, I want to nibble on it too.
Anonymous said…
Oh Jo, these are great macro shots! The palm photo is so gorgeous in colors and texture!
Duni said…
Wow, what interesting shots. The first 'leafy' photo is just amazing :)
Some creature looks to be having a snack on the last pic. Lovely pictures. I did think the first pic was a real flower at first. I was fooled until I read the caption.
Mumsy said…
These are beautiful photos, and the first one is gorgeous!
betchai said…
beautiful shots Jo, glad you are really enjoying your camera. the first palm leaf photo is really striking.
Kass, I used the super macro setting on most of my pics which allows you to get within a half an inch of the subject. I've got some really cool flowers coming up this week. Yes, that was me nibbling on the leaf :D I went to great lengths on the palm tree - I'm gonna get arrested there one of these days :)

Icy, thanks, those palms are located in the primitive plant garden and it's so exotic in that area, I love it.

Duni, thanks I love leaves and trees.

Ancient, Yeah that last one must have been pretty tasty but I loved the look of the leaf so I had to snap it.

Mumsy, Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it.
Liz said…
It is cool! And your pictures are beautiful as always. :)

Have a great week ahead. :)
and you've done it again, you're pictures are so alive, I can almost see them get off my monitor.
Thanks so much, Liz and you as well.

RS, You are too sweet, thanks my friend :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
You got me in your first pic Jo! I realy thought that the flower and the bee are real lol
lina said…
The photos do pop. Outstanding. :)
Angie's Junk said…
I wanna go! What great photo opps!
Ann said…
Oh my gosh, you had me going with that first picture. I thought that was the oddest looking bee I'd ever seen....lol
The garden of fragrance sounds like a heavenly place to be.
Mrs. M., THey do look real though I'd hate to see a bee that large :D

Thanks so much Lina.

Angie, Thanks, they really do have many photo opps there, it's hard to choose sometimes.

Ann, LOL!!! The garden of fragrance, especially in the mornings is just glorious.
AVCr8teur said…
I really like that metal plant & bee sculpture! I would like one in my yard.

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