Mallards @ The Botanical Gardens

Photos and video taken by me @ The SF Botanical Gardens

Both photos above taken with old camera.

This photo taken with new camera.


Ann said…
I just love their coloring. That first one almost blends right in with the background.
Ann, I know, I almost didn't even see him when I uploaded the photo :)
rainfield61 said…
Your new camera did produce many wonders. The reflection in the water is so nice.
Diane AZ said…
He looks so handsome standing on the rock. Cute video too!
Thanks Rainfield :)

Diane, He looks like a little Diva Model :D Thanks Diane.
It looks like such a relaxing setting. Your pictures are really great, it's fun having a new camera to play with :)

PS Thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog :)
Catherine, it really is, thank you. I absolutely love your blog :)
betchai said…
oh, I am so glad Jo you have your new camera now and have started enjoying it, love the reflection and clarity of the new camdera's pic.
DK Miller said…
Those are all so lovely. I am in love with the last one though. :-)
Andrea said…
Hi, i wonder why he is alone, he looks sad!
betchai, Thanks, it is so much fun playing with the new camera.

Diane, I am too, we'll have to share him :D

Andrea, aw, I think he just wanted to pose for the camera :)
Self Sagacity said…
It seemed you spend a lot of time at the SF Botanical Gardens, I wish I can say the same, because you've captured many beautiful photos from your visits. :-)
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful pictures and setting. Thanks for sharing!
fullet said…
He, he, I love them, the brown one in the video seems crazy. I could spend hours watching these mallards — and I learned this new word; my Google translator says that in Spanish they are called patos reales. They're so charming!
Makoy said…
That are nice photos. The ducks are lovely. Well done Joanne
Ratty said…
I always like seeing mallards. Both cameras produced great results. I like the way the female is bobbing under water in the video. She almost turns upside down.
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous photos Jo, and watching the duck went upside down was fun.
Self, I do spend alot of time there, it's very relaxing for me.

Thanks, Doan.

Fullet, she is a little crazy one and so cute. Thank you for sharing that with me, now I've learned something as well.

Thanks so much, Makoy.

Ratty, I was laughing hysterically while watching her, it was so cute. Thanks Ratty.

Icy, Wasn't it though, she was hilarious, thanks.
Bossy Betty said…
Great pictures! Love your new header too!

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