Plant Life In The Neighborhood


lina said…
More lovely flowers for us to view. Thanks Jo! :)
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful photos of flowers..The cactus is just incredible in their vibrant colors!
lina, yeah, I've been going a little crazy with the flower shots so you'll be seeing much more.

Doan, I love those as well, I couldn't help myself.
rainfield61 said…
I know how you are feeling right now.

The flowers are bright and colourful.
Martha Z said…
You captured quite a variety, from the native to the exotic. Your coastal climate is friendly to almost everything.
Ruthi said…
Flowers... I love them... in all colors, shape, sizes and species.
betchai said…
now, i am seeing the tons of joys you had experienced in your garden visit and photography, Jo, awesome, all of them.
RNSANE said…
You are amazing, you and your macro! I know people must have thought we were whacko yesterday. Jo, you must go to "Cranium Bolts" and see some of Shiju's macros...the ones of the spiders give me the creeps...I don't think I would get that close to those critters but you would love his photography. He's an Indian friend.
Diane AZ said…
Looks like your neighborhood is celebrating springtime with a feast for the eyes. :)
Are these included in a magazine or what? so lovely. Now you have exceeded even your self.
Terresa said…
Lovely poem in pictures. The Bird of Paradise has me longing for California...
Kass said…
Such beautiful flowers! I would love a big poster of that 3rd one.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful flowers, Jo!
Sharkbytes said…
Yummy! Of course I like the succulent, and the blue one.
rainfield, yes, it's exactly how I am feeling :)

Martha, yes we have quite a variety of species out here.

Ruthi, Thank you, I do too.

betchai, Yes I am and thank so much my friend.

Carmen, thanks, I checked him out and those spiders are amazing

Diane, we certainly are, thank you.

RS, wow, I wish they were in a magazine, thanks for the kind words :)

Teresa, how sweet, a poem in pictures, I love that. Thank you.

Kass, I'm working on it :)

Icy, Thanks so much :)

Shark, I love the succulent too, thanks.
Ann said…
Always enjoy seeing flowers. I don't know if it's the same thing or not but the third one looks like something my aunt used to have. I believe she called them chicks and hens.
Lovely shots as always. What type of flower is the third down? Is that a type of cactus?
Kim said…
Great flowers! Wish mine looked like that! Alas, it is raining....still.
WillOaks Studio said…
Just lovely photos, Jo!!!!!!!!!
VanillaSeven said…
You have a beautiful neighborhood to take picture Jo :)

I have included you in a game on my post tomorrow. Please join! :)
ian said…
the colors just burst through my screen, which does no justice to nature nor your photographic skill =] well done! thanks for sharing-
FishHawk said…
It looks like the bay area is as beautiful as ever, and those are some incredible shots. Hey, I can almost smell them!
Traveler Club said…
awesome beautiful flower
Ann, I love flowers too. It may be, I don't know but they I think are some sort of aloe. I'll have to check the name when I go back.

Ancient, I think it is some sort of aloe but as I mentioned to Ann, I'll check the name when I go back this week.

Kim, We will be having the rain late tonight and tomorrow. Thanks.

Thanks so much, Karen.

Vanilla, thank you and I will check it out tomorrow.

Thank you Ian.

Fish, I wish there were a way to convey the wonderful scents from these flowers :)

Traveler, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

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