In The Pink Flower Series


Secondary Roads said…
Ooow, Aaah, Lovely!
rainfield61 said…
Your blog is so pinkish today.

Such a lovely colour to welcome my working Saturday.

RNSANE said…
Pretty in pink!

It's so nice to see it bright and sunny in Daly City this morning!
Sony Holland said…
Wow! Are these gorgeous or what! Thanks, JoJo.
Ruthi said…
Love Love Pink! These are great photos. Thanks for sharing.
Kass said…
Lovely, fluffy, pointy pinkness!
fullet said…
A fine work, and shameless flowers here :)
Thank you for your photos and your quote, Joanne. Have a great weekend!
Chuck, Glad you like them, thank you.

Rainfield, :) yes, I am in the pink today.

Carmen, exactly, thanks.

Sone, You are welcome xoxo

Ruthi, thank you, glad you like them.

Kass, :) I like that, pointy pinkness, sounds somehow erotic :D

fullet, Thank you. And, thanks for the contest, it was fun.
Diane AZ said…
Oh my, what a delightful series! You found so many different pink flowers growing in your area. When I look around outside, I see yellow and orange blooms but no pink ones at this time.
Ann said…
Love the pink. All of the are really pretty but #7 is so unique looking.
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous series of pink flowers! I recognize some of your flowers :-)
betchai said…
oh, gosh, so beautiful Jo, you made my day, pink always cheer me up and your pictures are gorgeous.
Pink seems to be in the air today. These are amazing shots and the flowers are so unique.
Diane, I'd like to see more yellow and especially orange :) Thank you.

Ann, thank you, isn't it though, the more unique, the more I like them.

Mumsy, Thank you :)

Betchai, I'm so happy I was able to put a smile on your face :)

Ancient, I've seen alot out there as well, tis the season :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Dear Jo
These are a lovely collection of pink... May I request for a blue collection next time? ; )
Sadia Hussain said…
Just gorgeous Joanne! And my second favorite color too!
SquirrelQueen said…
Oh wow, so many different shades of pink. Each one is beautiful, I love the variety of the blooms. Are these all from your yard?
DK Miller said…
Fantastic and beautiful. What lovely pink flowers. :-) wonderful photos of them too.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful pink flowers, Jo! I love this season because it brings flowers to us. Fantastic pictures as always..
Michelle, absolutely, I'll dedicate a blue series just for you :)

Sadia, thank you and what is your first favorite color?

Squrrel Queen, thank you, I wish they were from my yard :) These are all taken at the botanical gardens here in San Francisco.

Diane, :) thank you.

Icy, thanks, Yep Spring is a favorite.

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