Mellow Yellow Monday Macros

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Manang Kim said…
Oh my you've got beautiful macro shots here. I like it! Happy Monday!

Streak of yellow
Manag, thank you so much and happy MYM to you as well.
Ann said…
You sure do get to see a wide variety of flowers around there. Love all of these.
eileeninmd said…
Gorgeous flowers and macro shots! Happy MYM!
Ann, I'm a lucky one :D Thanks

Eileen, Thank you and happy MYM to you as well.
DrowseyMonkey said…
wowser! those are fantastic! Love the first one especially
RNSANE said…
Oh, my gosh, Jo, you have a whole collection of glorious yellow flowers for today's presentation. These are incredibly beautiful. You're going to have to get another hard drive just to store all your photographs!
Drowsy, thank you so much :)

Carmen, Thank you :) I have so many photos I sometimes even forget if I already posted them :D
cheesecakepoi said…
Great macro shots! They're absolutely beautiful.

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