Camera Critters - The San Francisco Zoo

Camera Critters
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Duni said…
These animals are so beautiful. I love that close up of the owl. One day I'm going to visit...I just know it :)
Ann said…
I love the zoo. I've been wanting to go this year but haven't made it yet. Love the picture of the owl.
rainfield61 said…
Wow, the Orang Utan is showing its muscle.
Icy BC said…
I love the owl, Jo! These are gorgeous critters!
Kass said…
Oh what wonderful shots. You pick up on the best prompts.
betchai said…
wow, beautiful shots Jo, the eyes of the bird speak so well in your photo, love them all.
Thanks for stopping by. Your owl photo is my favorite from this post. They have such amazing faces. Great capture!
maiaT said…
Amazing animal close-ups, fantasti shots.
I love the last composition with the little bird near the giant bear.
Birgitta said…
Beautiful animals and great photos!
Duni, He has an intense stare.

Ann, I live close by so I go every so often and it's always fun.

rainfield, he sure is :D

Icy, thank you, I do too, That face!

Kass, thanks so much it was fun there.

betchai, Yes, the intensity is amazing.

Adrienne, thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.

maia, That surprised me to see that seagull so close to the bear but seagulls will do anything for food and I think that is what he was trying to get at, the food. A brave little guy :D

Birgitta, thank you so much :)
Nikki-ann said…
Wonderful critters! :)
Joanne: Beautiful captures of the critters at the zoo.
Limar said…
Oh wow! These pics are all amazing, love the owl :) Thank you for your nice comment :)
Nikki, thank you so much.

fishing guy, thanks, it was fun :)

Limar, You are welcome and thank you.
Self Sagacity said…
wow, amazing photos of the animals! They are so pretty.
magiceye said…
lovely captures!!
LadyFi said…
What brilliant shots! I can see every detail.
Self, thank you for your comments.

magic, thanks again for the visit.

LadyFi, Thank you, they were fun to photograph.
Michele J said…
I've never been to the zoo. I'm not a big fan of them but that's not to say I wouldn't like to visit one (just curious) and to see the variety of animals I have never seen up close before.
Your photos are amazing.. I love the expression on the gorilla, he is quite amusing and the captures you have done on the others are beautiful!
Mrs.D said…
awwww...great shots!

thanks for dropping by!
Linsday said…
Wonderful shots - love the owl!
Ricepatty said…
Oh your photos are amazing! Beautiful flowers and your camera critters post how fun - I just love that sleepy Koala - thanks for visiting :)
RNSANE said…
I don't know how I missed these photos, are right, the owl is incredible. My mom always loved owls and had quite a collection of them - I've inherited them now. The this picture, I wonder what he was doing with his hands...and the polar bear, well, that does look like Manfred in the shot...seems like a penguin would be more appropriate right next to the polar bear, though. Brave seagull!!

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