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While I love jewelery, I am very picky about what I buy. I almost never buy jewelery in well known stores but rather opt for handmade artistry. I visit local vendors and crafts fairs to find special pieces.

As many of you know, I won a $10.00 prize through WillOaks Studio in her latest name the kitten contest. I checked out her Artfire and Etsy shops and was mesmerized by the beautiful pieces Karen has crafted.
It was tough to choose from so many gorgeous gems, so I decided to buy a couple of pieces.

The above necklace is one of those pieces. While the photo is wonderful, it does not do justice to the real thing. This necklace is stunning to say the least. It dazzles and delights and will be debuting in the next couple of weeks at an event I will be attending. I also bought some earrings to go with the necklace. The necklace and earring set is elegant yet simple. It is, as a set, the perfect accessory for any outfit whether dress or even casual.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything Asian inspired. When I saw these earrings in the artfire shop, I simply fell in love. I had to have these however I do not have pierced ears only because I don't like anything on my body pierced. So, Karen was gracious enough to change the earrings to clip on in order to accommodate me which I thought was fantastic. I was so excited with these purchases and I've gone from one who never wears earrings to wearing these just to do go down to the corner store :) I absolutely love all my purchases with
WillOaks Studio and can't wait to do more shopping.

I also want to mention that when I received my order which was only within a few days, each piece was elegantly placed in silver holiday boxes with a small gemstone included with the ribbon. This along with the fact that Karen changed my earrings for me showed me that this artist takes pride in what she creates and cares about her customers.

I've worked in retail for dozens of years so I know of what I speak. You don't see the "personal touch" enough these days. The customer service is what keeps people coming back for more and I definitely will be doing just that.
So, if you are in the market for some jewelery this holiday season please check out the WillOaks Studio blogspot which will direct you to her shops. Enjoy.


RNSANE said…
Congratulations, Jo! Those earrings are so you!! And the necklace is lovely. I looked at the Willow Oaks blogspot and she does nice work. I have too much jewelry now so I'm not shopping but I'll keep her in mind for gifts.
Anonymous said…
They are absolutely lovely pieces!
Icy BC said…
The necklace and earring are beautiful! Karen has many stunning pieces for sure!
I love her work also ~ will have to look at purchasing something soon - but too many choices and I love them all!
Daisy said…
I agree, there is something extra-special about handcrafted jewelry.
Karen's jewelry is just gorgeous...feminine, unique..stunning...a big congrats on your win!!!
Ann said…
You got some great pieces. I love her work. I'm not a big jewelry wearer but i do love to look at her stuff.
She does have some of the most beautiful pieces I've seen. And, I see many more I like so I'll be doing more shopping soon :D Thanks to all of you for your comments - very much appreciated.
It's a beautiful jewelry collection..!

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