Music in Nature - Contest Winners

First I want to thank all of the people who entered this contest. It was amazing to see all of the creative talent out there. It was also a very difficult decision and as a result there are seven winners total. One grand prize winner, one runner up and five honorable mentions. The grand prize goes to Glynis Smy for her poem - Symphony of Life. Glynis has graciously asked that the $10.00 cash and CD dollar equivalent be donated to my favorite charity. So I have in her name donated to the Dorothy Olivieri Memorial fund benefiting the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital the amount of $25.00. As a result of her kind gesture, she will receive 1000 Entrecard credits. Thank you Glynis.

Symphony of Life by Glynis Smy

Crystal sound, echo notes of beauty,

Listen...soft, gentle singing of the rain,

A chorus flows to quench the thirst,

Give life to Mother Earth.

A crescendo of cymbals!

Crash! Electric stars

light the stormy sky.

Then-turn the page...

And Jazz surrounds me,

Skipping to the song of the sun,

Joyful rays dance with glee,

To the music of creation.

The lullaby touch of sleep,

Tenderly wraps the land,

In soothing waves it strokes,

The blanket of night...peace,

No sound, the conductor rests.

Then-turn the page...

Busy piano keys...

Cheerful, chatter starts the day,

The baton waves in dawn,

The Symphony of new day.

The Runner Up is Carmen Henesy of Carmen's Chronicles for her poem Music in Nature. Carmen will receive two Sony Holland CD's - like she needs more Sony cd's :) You can never have enough though right? Thank you Carmen.

Music In Nature

Nature abounds

In all sorts of sounds,

That seem musical to my ears –

Gentle soft murmurs,

Violent crashing crescendos,

With electricity so hot that it sears.

The ripple of wheat,

in a soft summer breeze,

Or the ping of hail,

As rain starts to freeze.

The roar of a waterfall,

The droning of bees,

The cawing of crows,

Fluttering leaves in the trees.

The booming of thunder,

Waves caressing the shore,

They all create a symphony,

Need I say even more?

Carmen Henesy

All of the winners and honorable mentions will receive a 125 x 125 ad on Poetic Shutterbug through the end of January 2010. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners.
The five honorable mentions are as follows:

Secondary Roads

The Writing Nag

Secret Forest

The Everyday Adventurer

Don't Know Much About Photography


fullet said…
Great! These are gorgeous poems and I'm really glad that Glynis and Carmen won. You are very generous, Joanne, thank you so much!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulation to the winners! Both poems are just wonderful!
Writing Nag said…
Congrats Glynis! A beautiful poem and gesture!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to the winner and runner up!
Excellent choices Jo!
Secondary Roads said…
Congrats to Glynis! Very nice.
Thanks for Honorable Mention and for the link.
RNSANE said…
What fun, Jo...congratulations to all the winners. Glynis, your poem is so beautiful. And, you know what, Jo, nothing could please me more than to have two Sony Holland CDs - she is the BEST jazz singer in the world and her CDs make the best gifts! I am excited to be a winner...and in the company of so many esteemed bloggers.

Thanks, Jo!
Glynis said…
OH Thank you so much Joanne for honouring my poem as the grand winner! Thanks for the EC credits too! I was inspired by a rare rainstorm in Cyprus.
I loved Carmen's work it summed up the music of nature for me.

Thank you again.
Ann said…
Congratulations to all your winners.
Thank you all for participating and for your kind comments.
Ratty said…
It was a fun contest. Congratulations to the winner and the runner up. I can see why they were chosen. I also like both of their blogs. Everyone should check them out, and the honorable mentions too.
Sharkbytes said…
OH, I'm sorry that I didn't see that there was a contest. Those are great. I'll have to watch, 'cause I might want to enter another time. Are you going to post the HM poems?

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