They Kiss The Sky

As you are all probably aware by now, I love trees. I love the way their silhouettes decorate the background of the sky or water. I love the way the leaves and branches sway in the wind and their fragrance that emanates throughout the gardens as I pass them. I am always trying to capture tree tops with the sky as their canvas. The other day while trying to capture the top of a redwood, which I will post later in the week, I almost lost my balance as the tree was a giant within the redwood trail. I hope you enjoy these photos and as always they were taken at the botanical gardens.


Ann said…
I love just looking up through the trees. They never cease to amaze me. Your photos are lovely but be careful taking those pictures :)
Absolutely stunning... you & I share that love of nature. And we're always pointing our cameras at the sky aren't we? Gosh, I have been so busy that I need to take time to get out there with my camera. Merry Christmas!! :D
C said…
I love trees too, Joanne! :) But I'm not sure if it's very much because of their shape and silhoetee against the sky and water, etc. But I am sure of this- they make for the best climbing! I would climb and climb the trees in my backyard when I was little, and find myself in storybook worlds!!!!!! :)

Trees are doors into magical places.

RNSANE said…
Trees are so beautiful and, traveling, it is wonderful to see the diffences in various parts of our planet. I love going home to Georgia in the spring ( seldom am there at that time ) when the dogwoods are in bloom beneath the soaring pines, a source of so much beauty, in pink and white. I can barely keep my eyes on the interstate! Also, in the Caribbean, I love the huge green breadfruit trees and the giant mango trees.
jam said…
Beautiful giant trees! I like trees too!
Icy BC said…
Your wonderful photos showed the trees kissed the sky, indeed. They are gorgeous!
DK Miller said…
Very nice, I love trees too!
Ann, yeah, those gorgeous redwoods have my falling over sometimes :)

Colleen, yes we do, we are kindred spirits. Happy Holidays to you, Dan, Vince and Katie.xoxo

C, you've captured it perfectly, doors to magical places.

Carmen, trees, no matter where they live are beautiful.

jam, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Icy, thanks always for your kind words and comments.

DK, thank you Diane, a great compliment from you :)
Ratty said…
That's funny, I almost fell over today while taking video of the top of a tree full of birds.

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