Good Morning America to Televise from San Francisco

Photo courtesy of - Macy's at Union Square

I just found out that the TV show Good Morning America will be televised live from Union Square in San Francisco this Thursday from 4:00 am to 6:00 am. Everyone attending should bring a warm coat for the homeless. There will also be morning treats served to include Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate. You can find the details here.

So this is my question to all of you. Should I stay up all night on Wednesday night and take a streetcar downtown to attend the broadcast? I'd have to leave my house at about 3:30 in the morning to get there by 4:00 am. Keep in mind, I am not a morning person :D


Ann said…
I say go for it. I bet it could be a lot of fun
Rohini said…
Wow..this sure is going to be fun :)

And to answer your question..
Tough one...Pass! :D
If you purpose to get up and do this, to bring a warm coat to donate to a homeless person, even tho, you are not a morning person, like myself, you can only gain from the'll get your sleep back...I lived in SF on Franklin Street many years ago...beautiful city, your SF...
How fun! I lived in San Francisco for two years and loved visiting Union Square during Christmas. I remember one year Macy's had real puppies in the windows from animal shelters.
If you have the time I think it would be a fun experience.
housewife9988 said…
I never been SF though mummy ever been to LA & to La Vegas. However, I wish there to donate more clothes for others to keep warm.
At times, I also feel what to do with all those unwanted clothes at home at this moment.

U have a nice blog & sure I wish to join ur contest b4 the due date.
Icy BC said…
Sounds like a fun thing to do if you can't sleep at night.
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: I suppose the hot chocolate would warm you up and you could get fun pictures.
Ann and Rohini, Thanks but due to the fact that it was so cold last night and this morning I decided not to go and from what I understand, there were so many people there I would have never gotten close enough to get photos of anything.

Amy, thank you, yes Franklin is a main street in the city. The coat program is there through the holidays so I decided to go during the day when it's warmer.

Catherine, yes, they still do that and it's a big hit for tourists and locals alike. I'll try and get down there soon for pics.

housewife, thank you so much and I look forward to your entry.

Well Icy, I was awake late but because of the weather I decided not to go. Way too cold.

Margie, Too cold and so many people that I wouldn't have gotten close enough to see anything.

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