Inspiration Path

This photo was taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I wrote the poem after one of my walks on the beach which is always an inspiring and refreshing experience.

Inspiration Path

Walking along

ocean beach

mist bathes me

as salt tears

on feather pillows

mumble affirmations


A distant foghorn
echoes resounding waves

as a dull base
strums undertones

and awakens daydreams
skimming stones


Saltwater cotton
iridescent sea foam

clash against

high tide

forming footprints

on golden sands


Quietly I walk

softly I tread


in solitude


bessye said…
This is so beautiful! As you know I loved Ocean Beach, and I miss it have captured it so eloquently here. Absolutely beautiful! I love this poem.. reading it made me feel as if I was there being inspired as well, right along side of you. Thank you...

Icy BC said…
Beautiful picture, and very well chosen words, Jo.
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: I know what inspires you so who did you meet there?
Bessye, Oh, I know how much you loved ocean beach and I'm glad these posts are bringing memories back to you. I love it there. It's just getting so cold here these days and a storm coming in tonight through the week so I won't get there for a while. Though, I have been caught out there in storms and it is still beautiful.

Icy, Thanks you so much.

Margie, A "lady" never tells :D Actually I met Mr. May from your calendar.
Ooh, wow. I can feel the peace of the solitude, and then you hit me with gems like "mist bathes me/as salt tears/on feather pillows."

poems dat come from the heart are real poems. this is such a lovely poem composed with a reflection of peace and serenity. And the pic is too gud. i wud love to visit such places.
Just last week I experienced that. You always amaze me on how you pick the right words for the right lines.
Ratty said…
Your great poem was able to bring me there in my mind. I could almost feel the wet sand between my toes.
SGR said…
Woof! GREAT photo. LOVELY poem. Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
VanillaSeven said…
One can stare at the ocean and listening to the waves crashing for hours. Perfect poetry for prefect moment :)
rainfield61 said…
Inspiration path, this is your journey.
RNSANE said…
Aren't we lucky to have this beautiful beach in San Franciso? I just love it. The moods vary, depending on the weather, of course. I like to see it, sometimes, during one of our storms. I have to confess, I've never so much as waded into the water...after putting my foot in once, I quickly retreated..too darn cold.

Your poem is so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I felt like I was there.
Secondary Roads said…
I've heard of word pictures. This is not one of those. You words paint an experience wrapped in emotion that transports the reader to that beach to see, to hear, to feel, to live the moment.
Ann said…
Beautiful poem and photo. Although I must say with the words you wrote no photo would have been necessary. You painted the picture with your poem perfectly.
I am a lover of long walks by the ocean as well...the poem...

Quietly I walk
softly I tread

in solitude

Makes me long for the quiet soft gentle walks by the shore...just beautiful..
Mountain Woman said…
What a lovely poem and one of my favorite places. When I lived in SF, I used to spend time there and reveled in its beauty.
Lori said…
Both are beautiful, Joanne. Just gorgeous.
Glynis said…
I loved this and a walk on the beach.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Very nice! You said it well- nice rhythm
I want to thank all of you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts and comments. Normally I answer each comment separately but I have absolutely no energy today after a couple of days of fighting a bug. Your loyalty to Poetic Shutterbug is very much appreciated. Thank you.
C said…
Hey, I missed this!

You know what I love about this poem of yours, Joanne? I feel like this poem is a phantom of words, and this phantom- she walks slowly, carefully, wistfully, tip-toeing almost but then not quite, almost like a soft, steady dance that glides over the sands like a midnight breeze....and then...gasp! All of a sudden her dance has come to a still end! But then it's not too soon and not too late! Just right!
What a beautiful poem! The picture goes just perfectly with the feeling of the poem.
Thank you all for your kind comments and for visiting me. I truly appreciate your loyalty.

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