Botanical Garden Trees

First, for those of you who had inquired, the header photo is the pond at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens. This is where I shoot my duck videos.

It's been cold and rainy here in San Francisco the past couple of weeks and as a result I could not visit the gardens. I find that my garden jaunts have increased from once a week to about three times a week so I have been experiencing withdrawals. Yesterday we had a short reprieve so I decided to get out there again.

The renovations are still in progress with new trails and paths being cleared each day. I always find something new.

While I love a Christmas tree all adorned in lights and ornaments, there is nothing like seeing these beautiful trees in their natural state as is depicted in the above photo. There is a cluster of them all year long next to the redwood trail.

There are portions of the gardens which are showing signs of Winter as in the photo below and then there are still remnants of Autumn as in the photo above. What a contrast. I've taken many more photos and will be posting more over the next few weeks.


RNSANE said…
The Botanical Gardens are beautiful all year long. I haven't been there in some time but, like Ocean Beach, they are treasures of San Francisco. Your pictures are always a wonderful escape, Jo, from the everyday world and its problems.
Ann said…
very beautiful. I wish that I had something like this near me that I could visit frequently.
jakill said…
You always take such lovely photos there. I can see why you are addicted to the place.
They are so pretty! We'll be in SF in January and I hope I can convince my family to visit the Botanical Gardens with me.
AVCr8teur said…
Your new header photo is lovely! It is nice to see the leaves change colors. The last one has an interesting bend to it. I hear we will get a reprieve from the rainy weather after Wednesday. Here's you chance to go wandering the gardens again.
Marilynne said…
That's just lovely. I wish I lived close enough to visit those gardens.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos of trees, Jo! What a great place to walk around!
Carmen,I'm there all the time these days. I'd live there if I could.

Ann, it's always a peaceful respite.

jakill, thank you, yes I should try and find a garden 12 step program :)

Catherine, it would be wonderful because in the same area you'll find the DeYoung Museum, The Calif. Academy of Sciences, The Japanese Tea Garden and the Rose garden. The conservatory of flowers is also nearby. The Botanical gardens by the way is free. If you need any info or a tour guide, contact me.
Karen, thank you. Yes, I'm excited that the weather is now cooperating and I can get out there again.

Marilynne, thank you so much for visiting.

Icy, yep, it's fun and inspirational.
Ratty said…
I love every bit of the botanical gardens I see. I wish they would make a few new paths at a couple of the nature parks I visit. One in particular could use at least one.

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