Ducks at the Botanical Gardens


Icy BC said…
What beautiful ducks, and so peaceful!
Ann said…
That duck is so pretty, love the coloring on him
Tabib said…
I like this pictures.
pehpot said…
Thanks for the lovely comment you left at y blog :) she is our angel and our only girl in the family :)

mommy techy
Ratty said…
I love watching ducks swimming around. Videos make that come alive. I wish I could get my videos to come out as steady as yours. I don't know whether it's me or my camera, but mine are all shaky, every last one of them.
Icy, I love watching them, they're so cute.

Ann, thanks he does have a beautiful shade to him

Thank you Tabib

You are welcome, I couldn't help myself, she is beautiful

Ratty, You have some excellent videos of those squirrely characters.

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