The Right Path

Photos take at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco.

Life presents twists and turns around every corner. In order to find the right path we must listen to our intuition which lies within our hearts and will always lead us down the right path.


Dori said…
Beautiful photos and thank you for this great reminder :)
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: This is beautiful but the wrong path is just so exciting to me.
Ann said…
Love the photos. It seems lately my intuition is leading me astray :) Can intuitions have dual personalities? Seriously though, that is a good reminder.
RNSANE said…
Jo, my intuition does NOT always lead me down the right path, unfortunately...but I've had some pretty good times going the wrong way!!!

Hey, Margie and Edna, you two are up there and, before I knew you, I might have seen you guys on the wrong path, too! But I won't say what you were doing!
Dori, thank YOU for stopping by.

Margie and Edna, I know, if it weren't for the wrong path, where would you two be?

Ann, lol! Yes they can and I am living proof. Thank you.

Carmen, don't I know it :) Will you tell me what Margie and Edna were doing? :D
baincardin said…
It is beautiful photos... and the quotes, it is beautiful indeed.:)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful place and wonderful photos, Jo! A great reminder for us all.
baincardin, thank you so much for visiting.

Icy, Thanks and I have to remind myself many times :)
seems a gr8 place to hang out...good fotografs!!
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Is there a melon ball on the wrong path?

Carmen, if you tattle to Poetic then I'll tell about you and that Frenchman. Or is it FrenchMEN?
Angela said…
Beautiful pictures! I keep hoping to find the right path. I think I'm close to finding it:)
tashabud said…
The photos look peaceful and calming. They make me want to go out to go hiking.

Thanks for having my ad on your blog.

I went to listen to Holly's rendition of the "It's Just the Nearness of you." I've always liked that song. She has a very smooth, crystal clear voice. However, the accompaniment just
Margie and Edna, It you are talking about Carmen it's Frenchmen!!!

Angela, you are on the right path and I admire you so much for that.

tashabud, thank you. I think you mean Sony's on The Nearness of You? and the accompaniment? you didn't finish the sentence...

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